The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Giving Hope at the Ayala Museum

giving hope-1

Growing up I remember my keenness to art works and the like. I love doing crafts and DIY. I can spend a whole day doing collages and doodles. I don’t know what happened and suddenly I lost track of those hobbies. Maybe I have come to love the outdoors the reason why I bend over and all of a sudden realized I am really more of an extrovert. But my love for fine art never really dies.

I was surprised receiving an invite from one of my favorites at the blogosphere –Lui, Sweepy’s Keeper and the one behind these pages, Lui is Heaven, Lui is in Heaven, Hounds in Heaven, Ako si Sumo, Bogart in Heaven, SuperPinoyDogSweepy, SuperDogSweepy, I read all by the way and keep track of her updates on what’s goin’ on in Heaven. I highly recommend you start reading hers because it’s not just humorous, it’s inspiring generally.

giving hope-2

Anyhow, about the invite I was talking earlier. It was for an exhibit at the Ayala Museum. And since Sunday was the perfect time to go, Leoncio and I dropped by to say hi to the walls. Hehehe. The Giving Hope exhibit which was located at the Ground Floor Lobby is open to public for free and runs from April 6-10 (extended until today-April 18).

giving hope-3

At partial view I have to be honest that I wasn’t in awe, I don’t know what I was looking but I felt the room empty until I got a close up view of the exhibit. And I guess that’s the essence of appreciating art, you really have to see what’s beyond those frames and pictures and colors. I admire not only the kids and young adults who work here, but all the people and organizations involve in putting up this project.

giving hope-5giving hope-6giving hope-7giving hope-8giving hope-9

The love for art is beyond words and is overflowing. Hope is all over the place.

“to renew hope for those who have lost it and give hope to those who have never had it.” –Consuelo Foundation

giving hope-4

I personally love the Shower of Roses, with writings on each piece. The kids aspirations were truly meant, how a kid wanted her mother to come back so they’ll have a happy family once more. I was a little emotional at this point. I’m always like that, I have a big heart for the less fortunate and I felt I was on the same shoe way back years ago. Lui, thanks again for the heads up. 🙂

b & i

Sunday afternoon made a big difference because I skipped the mall, I skipped buying anything except that I never gave up the love for coffee and long talks with a longtime friend. Yep, I’m reunited with B and I see us doing this frequently. 😀


2 responses to “Giving Hope at the Ayala Museum

  1. Lui April 23, 2013 at 4:28 am

    Elna, oh thank you for making it! It took us to 6 sites in the Philippines reached almost 500 kids and adults who never imagined themselves using art like this. Now I think I should update my blogs. Haha!

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