The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

random things t’is week

Friday is over and another week had passed. How was it? It wasn’t really good. During the first two days of this week, I was suffering from a very bad flu so on the third I gave up. I decided to stay home and bed rest but ended working from home…sigh!  😦 Thursday night was a big misfortune. I was stuck in traffic for one and half hour and worst was the long queue of taxi I withstand for another one and half hour. Followed by being deprived to eat BBQ and Pakbet because parking was a major, major problem.  Friday was that craving for something, which I do not know so I end up eating too many things and spending more than my allowance. 😦

On the lighter side, Tuesday I rekindle friendship with N, a long time friend (?). Thursday I received an email from Christine of Hit A Bargain! about claiming my Microtel Boracay’s GC. And during Thursday and Friday amidst the bad luck I had husband came to rescue me from being annoyed and exhausted. I love you Honey for giving me all the reason to smile everyday especially during our Mike Enriquez moments our way to Greenhills. And I thank the Lord for giving us Bea; I look forward on her jumps and big woofs as we open the door everyday.

Life isn’t perfect but everyday is a promise of a better one. Have a wonderful long weekend everyone! 🙂

P.S. We are driving South tomorrow with Bea and we look forward on coffee sipping, more bonding and a refreshing vacay all throughout the weekend 🙂

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