The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

Ibayo by Barrio Fiesta

Before I left for Ilocos last Friday I received an invite from Ms. Abby, actually, I was referred by food blogger, Doc Gelo and the invite was a press event for Ibayo, a newly opened eating-place at San Miguel by the Bay. 


I was a little uncertain because it is my first blogger’s event and I am no food critic at all. I just love to eat and try out different cuisine every now and then 🙂 the other thing that kept me undecided was the fact that there would be big names in the blogosphere who would be attending I feel like hiding to my shell forever. But, I gave away my “yes” to Ms. Abby, bahala na was the only thing I had on mind. 🙂 


July 21, I tagged my sister to go along with me. We arrived in SM Mall of Asia Complex an hour before 7pm. And to kill time we checked some pet stores. By 6:30pm, we head our way to San Miguel by the Bay. Though we made the wrong direction during our first try, we made to Ibayo just in time. 

I immediately recognized Ms. Abby and introduced my sister, Che and myself. 


She willingly guided us to our seat, which was still barely occupied by fellow bloggers who came ahead of us. I was setting up my cam when I recognized a very familiar face; it was Doc Gelo and Gabby. I happily greeted them both and I didn’t expect they would sit down with us. Goodness, Gracious! 


The father and son tandem behind the blog I follow came to realism this time. 🙂 

Shortly the introduction of Ibayo started.  


“ Ibayo, which means across prep. on the other side of: sa kabila, sa ibayo, sa kabilang ibayo o panig” 

And why Ibayo?  Having the desire to carry on the rich culture and heritage of Barrio Fiesta, the Ibayo concept was put to life.  Ibayo, literally meaning “the next town,” offers the same classic Filipino favorites such as the famous Crispy Pata, the mouth-watering Sinalab Special, and the crave-satisfying Mama Chit’s Special.  While loyal to its Barrio Fiesta roots, Ibayo offers a new and exciting line of signature food and cocktail redefining the classic Filipino dining experience with a modern bistro twist.



Like what Doc Gelo remembered briefly after the intro, the food would be Order What You Want, anything from appetizer, bar chow, chicken, beef, pork, fish, drinks, desserts, name it! The only word my sister, Che had uttered was a big “WOW”.

Our set,



Ibayo Firesticks. Zesty jalapeños & cheese rolled up and lightly fried to a spicy, exciting and challenging appetizer. Go once… and more! 


Kuhol sa Gata   




Crispy Pata. The dish that made them famous. Deep pork fried knuckle cooked the Barrio Fiesta way. 


Mama Chit’s Special. A feast in a bilao as how their beloved Mama Chit would prepare it. A mini fiesta in itself. 

We also had, 


Kare-Kare Seafood. Seafood version of their famous dish. Mussel, crab, shrimp, and fish fillet simmered in creamy peanut sauce. 




Paella Negra 


Drinks and Desserts 


Four Seasons 


Fishbowl Sago Gulaman  


Puto Bungbung 


 Maja Blanca 

It is said that to complete the Ibayo experience, it is highly recommended for one to try the Ibayo Signature Drinks like Ibayo Sunset, Aurora, Skywalker, Two Alpha and Mango Bongo however coming from a very tummy filling dinner I cannot consume anything more. Promise, I will reserve some space on my next visit for that. 🙂 


While having dinner, I had a very good conversation with some fellow bloggers who was also seated next to us. 

I met Jeff Siy who owns the blog I frequent and Alex of

I would definitely recommend Ibayo to friends who love the casual dining with a “chillax” atmosphere.  Service is fast and meals are within your means. 


I cannot thank enough the people who gave away that night to bloggers like me, brothers Tyrone and Tristan Ongpauco, Ms. Abigail delos Santos and the rest of the Eventus Kinetix people for the wonderful experience. 

Ibayo by Barrio Fiesta 

Bldg. G Unit 7-8 San Miguel by the Bay 

Seaside Brgy. 076 

SM Bay City, Central Business Park 

1-A Pasay City 

Opens from 3pm to 12mn on weekdays and 3pm to 2am on weekends. It is also open for lunch on holidays. For reservations, you may contact Monica Asuncion at 0906-5002782. 

Click Ibayo’s MENU.

3 responses to “Ibayo by Barrio Fiesta

  1. docgelo July 24, 2010 at 6:46 am

    …looking at your beautiful photos, stimulates my appetite once more.
    like you, i enjoyed Ibayo by Barrio Fiesta with the company of my blog buddies. it was indeed a pleasure meeting you, ms. elna (and your sister, che). 🙂

  2. tammikuu July 24, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    hi, docgelo. di pa rin makalimutan ng sister ko ang firesticks 🙂 enjoy LU this mon and haappy trip on thurs 🙂

    it was nice meeting you too and gabby!

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