The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

N is alive, i miss my P-Boys!

It was Monday when I got an sms from my friend B, he was telling me then that finally he had news about N, another friend, which we had lost contact some 10 years ago…whew! We thought he was gone forever…hahaha

GP's fb upload with N, I was the one in the middle of it 🙂

GP and I were actually talking about N few weeks ago...

Anyway, I had second thoughts of getting in touch with N, knowing him he might not return back my messages. And I felt a little awkward; shy…we had past, past falling-out or whatsoever. The thing I remember we went a little distant even before our telecom career ended in 1999.  That was long, long enough for us to forget what was then before. So Tuesday, I sent him a very short message. It was all hi and hello, a few minutes after I was surprised to receive a return message from him. We started to communicate and it was like the old times. He was the same minimalist person, low profile I may call. Good-natured (?).

N with Atty. Tan, in one of our Tagaytay get-aways

N told me that he just arrived from KSA after about 4 months of working as a sales man. He was telling like, the job is not for him so I assume he is staying back to his hometown for now. He missed “us” so I instantly told him it was mutual, we missed him during occasions and travels.

Ka Lito, George, Rolly, N, Gem, Ge (i miss them minus Ka Lito and Rolly) 🙂

Honestly, I look forward on seeing him again. I missed my Piltel boys!

I was kinda mesmerized by his message…hahaha; it was unexpected that at our age he was still ngpapacute 🙂

“Pogi parin ako humble hehe . Just txt  me kung gimik kayo manila its easy 4 me 2 travel der.”


Too bad one of our friend, G, was Cebu based right now so it will not be a happy get-together.


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