The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

i pray again…

Another weekend come to an end and before we hop into a brand new week let me thank you Lord for the amazing daytime you allowed us to witness, for the peaceful night-time you reserved for us and for the sunrise and sunset, for the gloomy skies and rainfall. For the appetizing meal we savored, for your living water that turned away our thirst. For the hale and hearty body and mind, for the love, for the comfort, for everything that you made possible big and small our wordy thanks are not enough.

And as we take the challenge of this week, please help us to become positive in every ordeal that will come about. If we become weak remind us to be firm, if we become low-spirited push us to smile and be happy. If we fail and tumble help us to stand up and put behind the disappointment. We would never be perfect and complete but with your love and grace may we become worthy of your blessings.

Lord, we offer everything and these I pray. Amen.



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