The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.4

Speaking of Sunday, I’m egg-cited to wake up and welcome a sunny day tomorrow (no rains please…) because husband and I will be dating and we plan to start as early as 7am. Say goodluck to me here, hehehe.

sundate no.4-18

Back at last Sunday, since we’re home in Cavite it’s expected that a day out is mapped in our schedule and for the nth time we’re out with my cousin Irish’ family. Honestly, I don’t really mind them tagging along with us in fact it makes a happier sight, the more the merrier I believe. 🙂 And like we originally planned we trooped to Nuvali to give our sweet fix cravings a green go, this is what we missed during sundate no.3 few weeks ago.

sundate no.4-1

It rained and like we expected the heavy fog was all over the ridge and for some tho it’s kinda weird but I love Tagaytay more during this weather –foggy, chilly, bed weather.

sundate no.4-2

Joel (Irish doting husband) probably thinks Irish and I were senseless and crazy as we continue to giggle as the fog got thicker, well, for him it’s a normal sight having lived most of his 20-ish in the hilly side of the city. Actually it’s a bit scary too because we all know the sight of haziness is prone to accident, so we’re thankful that we never bumped into one.

sundate no.4-3sundate no.4-6

We’ve been frequenting Paseo de Sta. Rosa and Solenad 2 but to date this was my third time only to visit Solenad 1. This side is the lake side phase of Nuvali where plethora of kois swim and many people spend time with fish feeding.

sundate no.4-4sundate no.4-5

We hang out and fish feed as well because we feel badly for the kois waiting to be fed. Sure that this massive population of kois is a pretty sight and attracts too many tourists at any day but I hope this is being managed well because I’m seeing it in a differently way. 😦

sundate no.4-7

And because I cannot withstand the hungry images of the kois almost jumping for food I invited my party to leave the porch and rather sit down for a meal at Conti’s, besides we drove to Nuvali for this in the first place.

sundate no.4-8

It’s mid-afternoon only so we skipped the rice meals and decided for our default order –pasta dishes.

sundate no.4-9

Fettuccine Carbonara P210. Fettuccine tossed in a delicate sauce of heavy cream and butter with ham, bacon bits and parmesan cheese. We got two of this. I find this pasta plate dry, lacking that heavy cream which was put across and my party liked better the one at Buon Giorno.

sundate no.4-10

Linguine in Pesto Sauce with seafood P295. Rich green basil sauce served with delicious linguine. Leoncio and I shared this but he didn’t finish his share because he oddly finds it salty for his taste so I end up finishing the whole serving. It wasn’t bad but it’s nothing good additionally.

sundate no.4-11

Angel Hair Puttanesca P190. Fresh tomato sauce, black olives, capers and a hint of anchovies in olive oil. I didn’t get to try this but it looks good in actual and since Joel didn’t find any fault while devouring it we assume it must be good or probably he just kept the negative comment from us.

sundate no.4-12

Pulled Beef Slider P?. Tender, slow cooked beef roast and crisp lettuce, drizzled with horseradish sauce.

sundate no.4-13

I got this because I can’t get over the pretty sight of P’s Mini Burgers back in Buon Giorno but it failed to wow me. It’s fatty and bland for my taste.

sundate no.4-14

Symphony Salad To Share P195. A wonderful combination of diced apples, tomatoes, grapes, eggs and almonds over mixed greens drizzled with vinaigrette. I’m trying to eat healthier you know so I had this. This salad mix is better without the eggs I suppose.

And for the much-awaited dessert,

sundate no.4-15

Mango Bravo P145 per slice. Layers of crunchy wafers filled with chocolate mousse, cream and mango cubes. We got two of this and I don’t have much to say except its love! 😛

sundate no.4-16

Chocolate Mousse P75 per slice. Chocolate cake base with chocolate mousse topped with cream and chocolate shavings. Irish’ picky little kiddo, DJ, enjoyed this while we’re still busy with our pasta.

sundate no.4-17

Conti’s is comfort food and all tho it’s a little steep for everyday I’m seeing myself going back for more of its delectable desserts.

sundate no.4-19

We dropped by Paseo de Sta. Rosa to window shop but we didn’t stayed long because it started to rain slightly again. Oh the weather, I love it and the people whose making my Sundays a remarkable indeed. 🙂

sundate no.4-20

So, where’s our next stop for sundate no.5?



Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant 
Lakeside Evozone
Nuvali Solenad, Tagaytay Road
Sta. Rosa City, Laguna
Tel. No: (049) 302-6050 to 55; 502-5714
Mobile: (+63922)881-9126; (+63917)596-3138
(Function rooms available)

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