The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

and i played Ninang…

reese meiren-1

Despite the fact that it’s Sunday I woke up early to prep for a 10am engagement at Santa Clara de Montefalco Parish. I know I have this bad habit of getting late at work but in affairs like this I opt to be on time for reasons: foremost, I have no control of things because this is not my event; next is I don’t want to keep people waiting, I know the agony of waiting so I don’t want anyone to feel bad and last is I don’t want to get everyone’s attention, latecomers are known to be attention-grabbing seat searching. 😀

reese meiren-6

Anyhow, we made it on the dot even if parking was a real problem. The call time was at 10am because we were scheduled to attend the seminar together with the child’s parents. It’s a mandatory practice now before the baptismal rites; soon to be grandparents should attend first the seminar given by the church so everyone would understand the responsibility accounted for being the child’s second parent. My only complaint in doing so, I have to attend the seminar over and over again everytime I’ll play the role of Ninang. 😐

reese meiren-2

The seminar took longer than the baptismal rites itself, but I’ll commend the church’s rep for giving an educational one. I may have taken almost the same course during my Religion class back in high school but it’s a good refresher course. The baptismal rite was short and organized regardless of the number of babies x the number of grandparents. I have no real account of time but it was over at past 12 noon.

reese meiren-3reese meiren-4

And like weddings the photo op normally consumes the longer part. 🙂

The kind parents, my good friend Atoy and his partner Emy, treated everyone for lunch at Ming Chao Tea House. It was a filling lunch to everyone’s delight and the best part I got to chitchat with office colleagues who were also grandparents.

reese meiren-5

To my new goddaughter, Reese Meiren, remain as a kid as long as you can and never forget the joy of the little things. Remember how loved you are before even you were born. –Love, Ninang here. 😛



2 responses to “and i played Ninang…

  1. docgelo March 7, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    refreshing to see a new church at least from your photos.

    God bless your new godchild!

    • january March 8, 2013 at 11:02 am

      the church is along c.raymundo in pasig, it was a charming one but i find it eerie as well because a columbary sits beneath. feeling the same way we visited san agustin museum and its crypt. hehehe

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