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sundate no.5

The recent Sunday was another of our sundate series which literally means eating a good meal out. 🙂

We started the day early, early means between 7-9am on a Sunday. And because we scouted a place nearby it didn’t took me so long to prepare and fix myself, I skipped the shower for the record and change to something light as if going out only for a quick errand. From our apartment building we took a trike to San Joaquin Street, we’ve never been to that part of the city that’s why we thought of getting a public transport, save us from the common parking issues anyway. Our triker brought us to that corner of San Rafael St. and Boni Ave. (where China Bank sits at the corner), it’s good that I downloaded the map so we just walk towards the back going to Maysilo, San Joaquin is a street away so the walking was like 10 small steps and our breakfast destination was like some few more steps away from the street entrance. And because I’ve been stalking food bloggers who visited the place it was easy for me to recognize its front even from afar.

Welcome to Kanto Freestyle Breakfast!


Yes, this is the breakfast place I was raving about for weeks now. I’ve read about it first at Between Bites and when I came across Before-Nine (another blog which I’m so loving right now) I was gripped and wanted to jog at the place at once. But of course I’m not leaving the husband who equally loves good food and heavy breakfast.


When we arrived at Kanto, my expectations were very minimal; I thought its better this way rather than be annoyed if the service is bad and if the food is terrible. Even without asking for a seat, I decided that we take the vacant table in front of the eatery. The order taker readily handed us the menu, oh glad they have one as I was expecting it hanged on the wall. Unlike in some small eateries I’ve been to Kanto has plentiful of items, to be exact breakfast items to choose from. And the best part, the prices were so affordable; I wanted to order almost everything except that most of my favorites were not available. 😦 I could imagine if this recognized food blogger, known for his love affair with bacon was there, he might be screaming to death knowing that bacon is out of stock. 😀


And because most of our preferred breakfast food was not available, we happily settled with this, not freestyle for us because we want things easier.


My first choice was the most ordered Mixed Berry Berry Pancakes but sadly they probably do not have the berries in stock. Second choice was Pancakes with Bacon and Eggs, it’s the bacon issues I’ve mentioned earlier the basis for option number 3 –Fluffy Pancake Topped with Goya and Chocnut Ganache.


For P90 it wowed me, 3 stacks of pancake with gooey chocolate goodness. It may not be the fluffiest of pancakes but for its price you have nothing to complain. We saved the other half for dessert.


Eggs Benedict (P90) was a dream come true. I’ve been nagging the husband to date me at Apartment 1B after seeing photos of their divine looking Eggs Bene all over. That gushing yellow yolk was a beautiful sight I imagine.


For the two avid reader of this blog, Eggs Benedict is two halves of bread topped with poached eggs, a slice of ham and hollandaise sauce. 🙂 The hollandaise sauce was very new to me, I was trying to figure out its taste and I couldn’t get it really. So Google-ing it after I found out that it supposed to be rich and buttery, smooth and creamy with a mild tang of lemon. I think I need a second visit to prove this because I was almost scuffing the hollandaise while eating as it tends to overwhelm the eggs particularly.


Pork Belly (P70) was considered as freestyle or so we thought its pork belly alone but we were wrong, it’s a complete rice meal already. Not bad if I’m not cutting down on the red and fatty meat. 🙂


Batangas Beef Tapa (P90). It was Leoncio’s first choice of order and we’re so delighted that it didn’t disappoint. The beef meat is tender and the serving is big. I forked a small cut and dipped it in vinegar, it’s marinated the way I love beef tapas are made. Yummy! 😛


We skipped ordering the Deep Fried Oreos because we’re stuffed by now, we’re saving it on our next visit.

Things about and around Kanto Freestyle that you may want to know,

-they use tomato pesto as side dish on rice meals

-they have a resident chef that’s completely uniformed and in chef’s hat

-because there’s a big deep excavation nearby the smell of stinky drainage is all over the place (I’m not so sure if the stinky smell is everyday)

-Kanto is the better version of Lime 88 (which we’ll be visiting soon) =>>this should be Lime 88 is the upscale version ika nga pinasosyal

-it’s labeled as gourmet, so you be the judge.

-bring with you a good amount of patience you’ll sure be needing it 🙂

-oh and they have a better dining option just a few steps away from the “karenderia” style I pictured above

-you pay as you order

-and bring a pen just in case the order taker doesn’t have one hehehe


Despite the “slight” unpleasantries I’ve read before this dining  event and even witnessed with my two eyes I’m seeing us going back soon and try my patience once again. 😀



Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
549 San Joaquin St. Brgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong City
T. 4002268

4 responses to “sundate no.5

  1. Jane Chua (@betweenbites) August 8, 2013 at 9:52 am


    Thank you for mentioning the blog and reading my site. It makes me happy and *kilig* Your post made me hungry! 🙂 Nice food shots.


    Between Bites

  2. iyassantos August 12, 2013 at 9:39 am

    I havent been to Kanto Style Breakfast yet but I will soon. Yung owners nyan mababait. If the food there is as good as their flagship resto Lime 88, i’m sure magiging hit rin yan sa maraming tao!

    btw, i suggest you have the osso-buco style kare kare and dinakdakan when you go to lime. =)

    • january August 15, 2013 at 2:55 pm

      thank you for suggesting dishes at lime 88. i hope dinakdakan will make us wow especially that my husband pretty knows how to cook the authentic one. 🙂

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