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an urbane country fair

When FarmVille was on its high success in facebook I never make an attempt to play it or even open the App, I dunno know but I was never been a fan and probably because facebook was prohibited at work hence the lack of interest on it. But when the Candy Crush Saga began to be the talk of the town I really got curious and download the App after which to end my curiosity. And eversince then, I became hooked and the husband too if I may add, and we play most at the same time when we’re home. So blame the jellies if we’re mostly late on scheduled times. 🙂


My formerly planning that we should leave early that Sunday to avoid the scorching heat was dismissed because we woke up late, blame the jellies here because husband and I stayed late on Saturday eve trying to unlock level 70. I woke up past 7 and the first thing to do was played it again, addict lang. Hehehe… tho if you’ll notice we’re not really advancing so so much, maybe we’re not so focus and we just want to get the hang of it like everyone I know. So again blame the jellies here because we’re left with no choice but to take a trip at midday, when the sun is really hot and the highway is a busier sight.


Photo was taken after the Petron Gas Station at SLEx, tho it didn’t appear so busy when I took it there could be a lot more difference if we drive at around 8 in the morning.


Anyhow, the post isn’t really about the jellybeans hehehe, it’s all about the event we attended that somehow still really find it ways to connect to the modern times when kids would rather stay home and play gadgets rather than bask in the field and play the traditional games –luksong baka, luksong lubid, etc.


Balik Bukid is a country fair, a one-of-a-kind as tagged by previous guests, the event features shopping, feasting, playing and unwinding. Read flyer SHOP, FEAST, PLAY and UNWIND so I should be really expecting a lot esp that it has worthy reviews from renowned bloggers around town. And like the previous (BB1 and BB2) affairs it was aptly held at the Sta. Elena Fun Farm (inside Sta. Elena Gold & Country Estate). If you’re coming from SLEx Sta. Elena’s posh gate is located less than 500 meters right after exiting Cabuyao toll gate, don’t be fooled to ask the toll cashier like what we did. It was a wrong move from the start.

Leoncio to Toll Cashier: San un Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate? (Where is Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate?)

Toll Cashier says: Ay Sir sa Canlubang exit dapat kayo (Sir, you should take Canlubang exit)

Me: No miss, ang nakalagay sa flyer namin Cabuyao exit (No miss, our flyer indicates Cabuyao exit)

Toll Cashier insists: Canlubang po kase un Sta. Elena (Sta. Elena is in Canlubang)

But cashier pointed out that we turn left, so we did. We drove onto direction that says to Cabuyao proper but we remained hesitant so we stopped and ask the locals for a more definite location. And our suspicion was right, we took the wrong turn, we should have turned right after the toll gate. Just my two bits, aren’t these cashiers supposed to be familiar of the place or at least of the prominent places around. I guess it’s normal that they are asked for directions so they should be knowledgeable at it. I Googled and it seems there’s a Sta. Elena City in Canlubang and another gate in Sta. Rosa but hey that still didn’t give justice that she led us to the wrong way. 😦


After getting our day tour stickers at the gate we arrived at the Fun Farm in no time. I was excited to go into right away and explore around. The Fun Farm achieved the farm-like setting where kids can play, saddle a horse, ride a carabao cart, chase the chickens, go fishing, pat the bunnies and climb the ropes. It was truly designed for family bonding. And the organizers must have successfully managed the past BBs and evidence was the number of families visiting again last Sunday.


At the registration I handed out a paper, it was my voucher for winning the facebook trivia games and that entitles me for a free After Party Pass and 1kg of Coco Natura Sugar. Yey! We bought another After Party Pass for P250 so we can hang-out later.


I initially wanted to have a meal since it was already passed 2pm so we went around to look for something more than the usual fare. I’m ready to indulge and break away from my diet, if needed, but the choices that welcome me dishearten my growling tummy.


I was expecting more than pizza, burgers, grilled chicken and empanadas, I was more than expecting to see native delicacy. And with the Balik Bukid theme, I thought it was more than appropriate to see some boiled or grilled corn, boiled bananas, kakanin from all natural products and binalot for lunch would be more than interesting.  I was also expecting products produced by the locals nearby Laguna, Batangas and Cavite. Tho on a second note the food stores claim the use of fresh and healthy ingredients on each piece but still it failed to make an impact on me.

This was the not so appetizing late lunch we shared,


Pizza Margherita from Pizza Morena P300, it was okay but not the one I’ll rave about.


Grilled Chicken from Lolo Art’s Chicken Sarap. This one tasted good but we remain as Mang Inasal fans to date. Our palates are such simple like that. 🙂

We got to try some scones from Ginger Confections but knowing how sweet is the husband’s preference he didn’t finish his share.


Before coming here I read about the rave for the Grass-Fed Beef but felt sorry for myself seeing this, “Sold Out”. Actually, it wasn’t only that stall, even the Fresh Buko stall ran out very fast. And I feel short because the event is supposed to be until 6:30pm and yet most of the food stalls had nothing to vend. Yes, even Starbucks pulled out their booth early on.

So after wiping our late lunch we roam around to check out the non-food stalls. I don’t know if it’s just me but I didn’t see any that catches my attention. I feel that the displays or rather the items sold at this fair are too high end for my taste. Di ko masakyan hehehe so we left the area with nothing because I felt I might buy something which will be of no use later on.


Eco bags were plentiful but I don’t think I’ll need another one.

The rest, check it here.


Aranaz bags which were too expensive for a beach bag acc to the husband. 😦


Different arts and crafts

Maybe I have to add that because it’s too humid at the market area I was not really in the mood to go through thoroughly with those Balik Bukid buys.


And rather than bore ourselves in one corner, husband and I explored the farm.


The Fun Farm is really good for kids and my sister’s kids would have enjoyed its playground.


There were bike trails, obstacle course, zipline, horseback-riding, carabao-cart riding, rowboating, animal feeding and outdoor water shower. It’s a big big playing field for me where you can run freely. I don’t mind going back here and go on a picnic with friends and family. I guess even without the country fair the farm would be a good getaway from the metro.


We stayed to attend the mass and the After Party. The After Party started behind its schedule and we stayed only until Noel Cabangon performed. I love his songs.


Fan mode! 🙂

And now my two cents worth about this country fair –yes, it’s one-of-a-kind but it’s too high-end for my taste. The merchandise were expensive, or maybe it does not really fit my lifestyle the reason why I find those pieces pricey. Short of food stalls to cater the guests until the evening, we should have brought our own baon because we really got too hungry even after finishing two empanadas each.


See there’s even an ATM machine to ensure you won’t run out of cash. That’s high-end it was because it was my first time to see a mobile ATM machine. Hehehe…


The Fun Farm is a hit. 😛


Balik Bukid is miss for me. (I’m just being honest…) 😐


But in all fairness, I have to highlight that Balik Bukid activities for the kids are remarkable and enlightening especially that kids nowadays are hooked to gadgets. It’s a fun way to spend a day at the outdoors and gets dirty and sweaty while bonding with the whole family.


Sta. Elena Golf & Country Estate
Mobile: 0920.949.8260
Landline: (02) 886.8686

For Golf-related Inquiries, you may e-mail:


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