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MAFBEX 2013 –the full account


Because it was timely that the first day of MAFBEX was the holiday –Independence Day, we grabbed the chance and make a trip right away. Very different from previous events that we attended at the World Trade Center, the crowd was very manageable this time and parking was effortless. Once in a while I do get to enjoy the benefits of being early, hehehe.


The entrance fee remained at P100 per pax and I was giddy and all while husband was lining up for our tickets. Finally the MAFBEX experience once again. Free eco bags were given at the registration area, tho there were too many details to fill in. I hope the information we gave will be kept away from club share modus that would soon call out one by one congratulating you for winning a hotel stay for free, will then invite your for a dinner buffet and finale is to lock you for more than an hour and obliged you to get the club share etc. I was once an almost victim so you better watch out these people when you went to an event like this. Never fill out a supposed to-be raffle entry; it’s a scam I tell you.


Anyhoo back at MAFBEX, husband and I went literally aisle to aisle so as not to miss any. But prior going to this food and beverage fair I already have a short list of things to look at and buy. And yes I’m limiting my spending to a thousand bucks only. I planned on getting a good stack of Philadelphia cream cheese and Taiwan sausages –two of my favorites last year.


This is what the hall look like, not so many visitors tho.


Department of Agriculture had a big exhibit but none that is really attention-grabbing. OOT, this government agency plays a big part of my life because this is my Tatay’s employer.


There were many kitchen items too, mostly used for baking stuffs.


I can’t help but love this white piece. 😛


And for the second time I have my eyes again on Shakey’s on Wheels. Kelan ba ako magkakaron ng ganito?

Now allow me to share you some of what I captured this year.


Glinter Soft Drink in fruity flavors. Glinter Soft Drink was produced by aerated water that uses natural water mixed with fruit flavour essence, refined fructose and CO2. Read here.


Golden Queen Mango that is gigantic in size. According to the exhibitor this came from Davao.


Baker’s Fair famous Hopia, we grabbed some while going around. By the way, we bought ours, no free taste here. 🙂


Food demo, making a smoothie using broccoli and potato I think.


Coco Royal, I remember seeing this at Balik Bukid fair but ignored it for reasons I don’t know. This time I was able to give it a try and it tasted really good only that I find it pricey for P30+ a bottle.


Oh lalala! My favorite Taiwan Sausages can’t be missed. The prices were the same of last year and I’m ready to take home some this time only that the favorite chicken variant was not available, so, I had to share my pork stick with the husband. Boo.


Formosa Bakeshop sells delicious and yummy-looking breads and pastries. I love that bun with walnuts and cream cheese fillings; I lost account of its name.


Ulalammm was the perfect rice topping. I got Spicy Tinapa Flakes for take home.


Another favorite –the Hungarian sausages!  We stopped for the generous portion of free taste. Yum!


There were too many pancit samples including this one where the queue really got long. And we don’t really mind going in line only that it pissed me off when some would just go in-between flapping his ID and says “I’m an exhibitor”. Does being one exempt you from going in line? I highly doubt.


Oh! Ricey is the instant Pho from Vietnam. We bought some and tried it at home one rainy night. Just right for the bed weather folks.


Dimsum Factory offers franchising, there’s no question that the dimsum is cheap and saleable t P20 but I won’t mind adding another P5 to get the good kind.


The Green Baker, the Almond Ginger Cookies caught my eyes but there’s nothing really to rave about besides I found this pack pricey.


Pepsi? I wonder why it wasn’t Coke.


Feel challenged?


I didn’t found any Philadelphia cheese but we stumbled with these –very much like those from Rustan’s Gourmet To Go which I dearly love!


I know I missed too many this year because I felt a little bored seeing almost the same stuff around –smoothie, green tea concoctions, milk tea, flavored drink, I was expecting to see some new items other than last year but I failed to spot any.


Even the dining hall was a miss, really with not much food to choose from. I was wishing that Inn Café was there because I’ve been craving for their beef and eggplant lasagna. So I was thinking of the Big Outlet Sale here, hehehe.


I know, I know I’m guilty with this fatty and sinful serving of Sisig, I didn’t finished it by myself believe me.


The P5 Kape, I want something like this but where the heck I’m going to put it. I think we really need to think of a good business from now on so this coffee dispenser will find its place soon.


Before exiting the exhibit this caught me seriously and I bought a bottle right there and there. Now I regret because I should have gotten at least 3 bottles to wake me up in the morning.

So this is my mini loot from MAFBEX,


Kalamansi Extract with Honey P140+


Oh Ricey Instant Pho P45 for 4 packs


Ulalammm Spicy Tinapa Flakes P15


Yema P170 per box


Cake Bread from Formosa P100+


Cutting Board with Handle P110


I’m not very sure if there were additions of exhibit during the 2nd day. I wish there is because I felt a bit disappointed and short with what I’ve witnessed during day one. Until MAFBEX 2014, I’m expecting a progressive one. 🙂





11 responses to “MAFBEX 2013 –the full account

  1. Lui June 23, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    That was a fun trip. I try to avoid going to one because its too magastos 😉

    • january June 24, 2013 at 10:35 am

      ya right lui, magastos kaya i set a real budget this time so i won’t splurge on things i don’t really need besides the husband is keeping a close eye on me so he could stop me easily when i tend to be forgetful of the rules hehehe

  2. docgelo June 24, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    nagutom ako! your loot was well selected, i could’ve bought them too if i was there!

  3. madjewel June 30, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    I missed this for the second time T_T next time I’ll take note for sure

  4. rhoda December 26, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    the golden queen mango is not from davao!!!

  5. rhoda December 26, 2013 at 2:57 pm

    this is our golden queen mango from candelaria, quezon.. salamat!

  6. merely go June 18, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Hello. I am curious about the free hotel stay scam that you were talking about. Cause my aunt got a call saying she won something like that from this year’s mafbex. Can you elaborate on the details? I am afraid she is being scammed 😦 i want to warn her abt it. Thank you so much!

    • january July 1, 2014 at 3:52 pm

      actually these are marketing scheme of time share properties, the like of club astoria. my first encounter was during the phil travelmart fair, some exhibitors (?) asked me to sign allegedly raffle coupons. a few days after the event someone was calling me non-stop abt me winning a hotel accommodation and that i need to go at their ortigas office to claim it personally. they even mentioned abt the dinner buffet and the 90 minutes presentation. i was all ready to come until they insisted that i should tag along my husband. by that time i already had my doubts and googled just the same. i think its best that you do as well. i’m providing you a link as well so you’d be enlightened more:

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