The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

any-date with my Leoncio

Another take on meatless Friday,

yellow cab garden special

Yellow Cab’s Garden Special –Fresh tomatoes, black olives, mushrooms, onions, red & green bell peppers

yellow cab Shrimp Alfredo Pasta

And Shrimp Alfredo Pasta –Shrimp and black olives tossed in a smooth and creamy white sauce garnished with fresh basil

yellow cab pistachio ice cream

Cold treat concluded our Fri-date.

Satur-date was another story, I checked out the mall once again after getting the news of price reduction, I thought it was a good deal but it turned out to be not. SM and its partner store did it again. 😦

forever 21 stud

Tho if you care to know I never left the store empty hand at all. I love the studs!

for him

And I bought the husband a stash of cheap undergarments.

martha stewart's kitchen towels

And Martha Stewart’s for the kitchen, don’t you love the patterns?

cucina andare mar 2-1

The husband had a long day, so I fed him once more at Cucina Andare with paella this time (sorry for the lack of photos here), the paellas –Wagyu and Negra tasted good, I’ll definitely come back for it.

cucina andare mar 2-2

Spotted some crepe cake in different flavors, of course I had it in chocolate. 😛 The more I dream now of Mara de la Rama’s Gateau de Crepe…

sb at one rockwell-1

We didn’t stop our pig-out night just like that, on our way home we drop in at One Rockwell for our coffee fix.

sb at one rockwell-2

And sweet fix too, I had the strawberry granola yogurt cheesecake paired with my grande dark mocha frap!

my leoncio

I love any-dates with the husband and I’m thankful that he gives time despite his tiring schedule and tight commitments, I know you can do it right.

january here

I’ll write about our Sun-date next, well, tomorrow is another Monday and we rarely date on a weekday, I wish here everyone a bright start. Hang on to another dreary week. 😀



2 responses to “any-date with my Leoncio

  1. docgelo March 7, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    the pizza and the pasta are a hit to me! sarap!!! 🙂

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