The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

as Holy Week begins…

The most recent weekend was stressful as we prepared for an upcoming trip this Holy Week. We were able to go to see The BOS in Pasig and make a quick stop at a Warehouse Export Overrun shop in SJ. Nanay’s visit was a surprised last Saturday nonetheless, I enjoyed the shopping spree we had at Market Market! And last night before we went to mass, we drive to Pasig Market to buy all the necessities we would transport to Ilocos – from soy sauce to pancit bihon noodles. A thanksgiving feast would be offered on Black Saturday.

Like other bloggers I would stay behind my notebook for the rest of the Lent. This would be the best time for me to recollect, to be remorseful and to be thankful for all things that had happened. I will be away from the city to let go all the negative vibes and spend more time with people dear to me.

A blessed Holy Week to everyone!

God’s words are pure, eternal truth

Shall yet unshaken stay,

When all man has thought or planned,

Like chaff has passed away  –Anon.


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