The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

mid-week hiccups

Husband and I spent our Sunday lazing at the house; I have no energy to go out. I felt like I need that day to relax, so, I skipped even going online. I know I haven’t been active in the blogosphere, and contests and promos does not appeal so much to me this time.  Maybe it’s because I am waiting for the right contest for me, where I can show off my specialty. Anyway, I need to buy more time and wait for the right piece.

Let me go back about Sunday, well, I did not bore myself the whole day at home 🙂 . Husband and I went out and drive to Makati later in the afternoon to do our supermarket thing. You know how I love to be at the supermarket; I always look forward on getting a good deal on sale items while husband loves to sample new products -free taste test! hehehe…

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I stepped in at the newly opened Forever 21 store in SM Makati, people was in panic buying mode. I was really surprised at the crowd; everyone wants a piece of this clothing line. I was slightly taken away 🙂 , especially because the prices are okay. It would definitely fit every Juana’s budget. I would give Forever 21 a second visit soon and decide.

Okay, so Holy Week vacay is a week from now and I haven’t told you yet our plans. We will be spending it away from the metropolis and I am pretty excited to see the beach, surf dudes, surf boards, watch tower ruins, River, LL and many more. My only wish is, I hope gas prices would dropped down by next week so we can visit more towns and give our palate a distinct experience.

And for the coming weekend, we will definitely visit BOS at Megatent. And will also check a factory overrun warehouse in SJ. Meanwhile, this week would be very tight at work, so, that would give me less time to write, read and blog hop. As of the moment, my hands are tied with plenty of challenge but you see I manage to write down these random thoughts because that gives me unexplained fulfillment 🙂 .

Have a happy Wednesday folks! –January and Leoncio


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