The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

a shopping weekend…

More shopping last weekend,


These were from Gola Outlet; mostly it’s for my other half 🙂 .


From The Big Outlet Holiday Sale at SMX. We got mostly from Giordano Ladies and Bluestar Exchange. Oh and I got a new bag for my rebel baby 🙂 .


And before we went home last Saturday night, we dropped by at MOA to claim our new Sanuk sandals. It pretty looks good however, it seems Bea disliked it, so, she made it her toy even before I wore it 😦 .

Came Sunday, after a tiring day at our annual Garage Sale, we went to Wine Depot and later on drove to Greenhills and got ourselves a new set of handy phones 🙂 .

Its two more days before Christmas Day folks, we have plenty of errands to do and a busier schedule starting on Christmas Eve.

one happy shopper on the go

Happy holidays!



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