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our family get-together|2013

Uncle Mike could be of happier if we made this event while he was still living –Tita Milay. And we couldn’t agree more. Sigh!


On December 30, 2013 my maternal family had our annual reunion held at Uncle’s house, it’s the yearly thing that we normally hold at the maternals compound other than we changed the venue this year to liven up the mood two weeks after Uncle’s funeral (which I have to blog yet, Wowie ang SD card pls). There’s no Kris Kringle thing this time and like the previous years we asked each families to bring something to eat.


Of course our family went with the sister’s famed baked mac –meaty and cheesy! 😀 Tita Pearl brought yummy boxes of rice cakes, Tita Gie brought some grilled milk fish and Tita Bebot had Bicol Express, their family’s specialty I suppose (because of its presence in many occasions at their humble abode). I forgot to ask JB’s contribution aside from the comical face which he always carries. Hahaha. But seriously we missed your undying shredded cabbage with mayonnaise a.k.a. coleslaw. Tita Milay and family prepared some staples for lunch; we had a substantial spread which everyone enjoyed.


Tita Josie, I forgot yours, was it the bilao of pancit?


Anyhow, the party’s highlight was the boy’s ingestion of beer and their boisterous glee while the girls had their chitchats mostly.


Other than we made a very simple game plan, why not involved those relatives abroad and ask them for donations. We thought it’s well-timed because they’ve never been home during the Christmas month. I started the convo on facebook tagging three cousins in Dubai and later on tagging three more cousins in Singapore. We had fun as the fund raised to thousands and thousands. The oldies faces was a happy sight and the kiddos, well, they just don’t mind they’re more fascinated with plays.


To be fair and just, we gave the kids an equal share, we just don’t want another kid crying because his name was not called, and raffled those for the grown-ups. Everyone was hopeful to brag a prize even me of course. 😛

And the real winners not in order here, drumrolls


JB, SAM, Joycee, Tita Gie, Che, Tita Pearl, Dodong, Jheck, Bok, Eina, Alice, Nanay, Ryan


The grandest winner was Kuya Romy which Irish receives on his behalf. 🙂

Our special thanks goes to the generous sponsors –Jojo, Che, Grace, Michelle, Liit, Jacq, Kuya Romy, Jena & yours truly (ehem!).


There’s still sadness in the air and that we can’t cover up despite the smiles, the fun, the merriment but it definitely was one occasion we all look forward doing again.


Blood would always be thicker than water no matter what. ♥


And that my Eyaya family is a bunch of handsome fellas! 😀