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i need a break

autograph from M&S

*photo from my last shopping trip wayback January I guess…

Seriously, I’m tired and I just need some good feel. For heaven’s sake I need some retail therapy. Anyone who’s kind and generous, please? Hahaha. #dreamingofchristmasinsummer 😀


sundate no.21

cafe france_1

Jan 12. After venturing into some small-time businesses with colleagues the husband is now back to an 8-hour job, tho still pretending to be active and profiting on his sideline a.k.a glass installing business he’s now busy doing government transactions with this well-known Parisian chain that recently opened in Power Plant Mall last December. I have no qualms of him going back to a regular job, only which his 6-day in a week sched pissed me off. 😦 Imagine that I can only have him on Sundays or Saturdays in some weeks, I’ll soon break down because I’m used to having him around the whole weekend.

Anyhow, before our birthday week I snatched a day out with him at the mall because I needed some good feel, I felt I needed a break , some time off for myself and him, and some retail therapy of sort. Hehehe. Since he had some errand to attend earlier that day, I went ahead of him at the mall and had some me-time at David’s. Fortunately my stylist was there and I was able to get that much needed cut and blow. You see my hair is a mess after my last haircut back in September or October, my rebond session was also due but I keep on delaying it because I was waiting for some good promo to come in. Life of an ordinary worker sucks! After David’s, the husband and I met for some mid-afternoon snack at one of our favorite café.

cafe france_4

Café France remains to be one of my places-to-go whenever I crave for pasta and sandwiches, I love their canapés too and their coffee buns and ensaymadas. That afternoon I did not pass in ordering my favorite pasta dish, Café France Seafood Marina is simply one of the best because of its generous serving and affordable price compared to other bistro that offers pretty the same plate.

cafe france_2

Seafood Marinara –sautéed shrimp and fish, simmered in rich and flavorful marinara sauce tossed with linguine noodles.

cafe france_3

The husband tends to eat healthier at times so he got the Shrimp Pesto, not as appetizing as I expected it to be.


But all in all we enjoyed our meal because we didn’t go over the budget, which means I have more than enough for my shopping spree, hey it was my birthday week so I was more than entitled to shop and because it’s already the sale month I wasn’t so guilty with my loot. Thank God for my loyalty card I even got an additional 10% off from my purchases. I got some really good pieces again this year and the husband enjoyed his fair share –Mantaray, St. George, Red Herring…ikaw na ‘ney ang Debenhams’ fan. You can now go on hating Forever 21 for their mass-produced cheap basics. 😀



Café France
2/F SM Makati Bridgeway, Glorietta Side
T. +632 8181910 / 5198313