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ysa’s happy 2nd!


How time flies? And our baby Ysa is now two. ♥

I want to believe that birthdays are significant to our family that’s why even it’s small and minimal I’d like to celebrate it because it’s the celebration of life, nothing but that. And every birthday is a milestone, right?

When the parental marked their 40 something wedding anniversary last September we were supposed to dine at Tong Yang but with all the smash up and postponement we had to re scheduled it again and again until its October already. And concurrence to the beer month, oh and rosary month, is Ysabel’s birthday. 🙂 So we thought that it’s perfect to schedule that belated lunch date with fambam.


Leoncio and I always make it to a point to be early when dining buffet, we want to see everything unscathed yet before the hungry pack arrives besides there’s a lot of advantage in being early (well, hello to me I wish I can observe the same during work days so I can be more productive and sympathetic to everyone, hehehe) because the early bird gets the worm, in our case the biggest share of shrimps and crabs. My family from Cavite arrived few minutes after us, they came without Tatay who decided to stay home because he finds it gruesome to travel to Makati. I remember last year’s Christmas shopping during the first day of December, he was complaining and holding his irritation to us all the time just because we can’t get enough of the shopping spree. Hay! He never changed, really, from being KJ even wayback our teen days. I wish I can bring Tong Yang in Tagaytay so he could experience and savor it, well, I guess he would definitely enjoy the unlimited beer. 🙂


Anyhow, we all enjoyed the spread at Tong Yang for lunch but we have to remind Nanay on the crabs which she fancies amongst the spread, Kuya P had his usual big appetite perhaps the reason why Tong Yang charged us 7 adult rate (instead of 6 only) and persuasively says that there is no kid discount anymore, 😦 we had to remind Arman & Leoncio to watch their eating of innards and other raw food like oysters, remember the last time they had diarrhea for days. 😀 Since its Ate SAM’s first time at Tong Yang, I thought it’s something new to her, and appealing except that she had dose of tocino just like me. And because it’s the little miss birthday, she had a whole bun of siopao and a small bowl of ice cream to her delight. And we had gifts to her except that for the second time Che and I picked the same doll once again. The first time was Christmas wayback when SAM was a little girl, we got her the same Winx doll. This time we gave Ysa the same Baby Alive character, so, Che ended having hers replaced by a Barbie doll, probably Ysa’s first Barbie to count. The only thing we missed was to bring a blowing cake.


Nevertheless, it’s was indeed a happy birthday lunch! 😛


After a hefty lunch at Tong Yang we drove to Boni High so the kids can run around especially our birthday baby who’d never been to places nothing like when SAM was growing up –blame the horrible traffic and busy household and priorities (?) I only wish the family can troop back to Baguio again this season, but wait that would mean “extra gastos” which I’ll be watching cautiously this Christmas, so let this remain on my bucket list for now.


Proud Ninang to these three, SAM, P and Ysa ♥

We had a light dinner at the lower level of Market! Market! before we bid goodbye to my folks, it was a day out I’d love to do over and over again, it’s one of those happy-go-lucky Saturdays when I don’t need to think of work and other responsibilities including the household chores.



As you marked the second of your many birthdays, may you grow up to be God-fearing, loving and beautiful inside and out. You’ll always be our little miss at home who’d always lighten up the mood especially the grumpy grandfather. Kiddin’ aside, continue to be a sweetheart to Mommy & Daddy, to Ate & Kuya, to Ninong & Ninang and to Boi & Bei. And don’t grow up too fast, please. I love you baby! 


18 years and more

Quite a few years even before I turned 40 I long stopped the night life, I long stopped partying and clubbing and well, beer drinking. If you have known me during my 20’s you’d probably see me in a much different way because it’s like every single day I had beer in my belly. Hahaha. I suddenly miss again my telco days –laid-back, youthful, spirited and fearless. I have no regrets about anything right now, I love the present especially my weekend dates with the husband other than once in a while it’s nice to muse over with old friends from way back and be merry and carefree once more.


Days before my birthday I went out with the P-boys to celebrate two things, one is our post-Christmas get-together and the other one is my birthday. I decided to advance my celebration this year for a change. I had a hard time picking a place foremost because I know they wanted beer in the menu. It’s a must for these guys.


I personally picked Tong Yang this year, enough of those hole-in-the-wall bistros at the outskirts of Makati CBD. Hehehe, of course I still love Talyer and its neighboring village only that we need a little variation sometimes and Tong Yang is perfect. And since they’re notorious for coming late I asked them to come at 6pm, at least I have an hour before dinner time to wait for them. But being their old self and literally old fellas they came late as is, so I think I just have to live with it. 🙂





First to arrive was Babu, then George followed, Pel came after and as expected Gem showed up so so late, when almost everyone was capping off. What’s new? And he was partly blaming me because my call time was too early at 6pm, oh God now my fault. But no matter how stubborn, and fierce looking these guys they are extremely soft internally, I should know better in our 18 years of friendship.


We all had a nice dinner, a filling one because of that eat-all-you-can grilled meat and shabu-shabu, bottomless beer and unlimited scoop of ice cream which they really enjoyed. I guess aging has taken its toll on them too because they now opt for ice cream over beer, a very drastic move for the big guys! 😀


*No, I wasn’t feeling drowsy here, napapikit lang but because this photo is worth posting and rare it deserves to be here. 😀


Because we felt it’s too early to call it a night after the hefty dinner, we found ourselves in Rockwell Center chilling and coffee sipping. It’s one of the first times I actually sit down with them minus the alcohol and I’m loving it because we got to talk lightly.


Whenever we get-together like this I wish we’ll be complete once more, like the old days with Rica, Tata, Ge, Nelson. I sometimes missed those days when we would party until the wee hours; I missed the endless road trips and Tagaytay vacays. I missed the post-mortem sessions; I missed the comfort of just being with them. To my P-boys thank you for the stories, for the laughter’s, for the moral & emotional support, thank you for playing a big role into what I am now.

See you soon!


P.S. Thank you Gem for the birthday cake