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revisiting figaro


Husband and I frequent coffee shops because we find the food serving a bit light, ideal for our pretend diet :D, plus we don’t need to move for desserts. Most even became our default dinner place because they’re open up until late-night, it’s perfect for our late, late night cravings.

Coming from a very tiring weekend in Palawan I was dog-tired and hungry at the same time. When Leoncio picked me at the airport I was already half-awake but first I want something to eat, this is one of those times that I cannot just simply trade my hungry pangs to a catnap. We dropped Boni High for a quick dinner, we first lined for CBTL but the place was packed. I was drooling for their salad but waiting wasn’t an option that night. There were a good line-up of coffee shops at Boni High but I don’t have much energy to move from end to end so we settled with what’s nearby.

Figaro is one of the oldest coffee shops in the metropolis, it opened way back even before Starbucks had their first store in the Philippines. And because it is Filipino-owned they prickle the right aroma and taste of the perfect coffee, we Pinoy love. ♥ Like most coffee shops, Figaro these days not only offer coffee and pastries, they have specialty pasta, gourmet sandwiches, ala carte, salad, pizza, all-day breakfast and rice meals.


I really wanted some greens after missing it during my stay in Palawan but I wanted a bit of pasta too, the Tuscan Chicken ala carte was so perfect for my appetite. The chicken was flavorful tho a bit dry, the greens was crisp and dressed lightly, and the pasta was tomato-based which I like –my favorite food in one plate! The order came with a medium-sized iced tea, a real value for your money.


The husband chose a rice meal, I’m sensing he didn’t had a decent meal while I’m away, the reason why he ordered something filling that night. It’s called Pork Tenderloin in Asian Pesto Sauce. It was served with tomato and cucumber salsa and your choice of brewed coffee or iced tea. He paired his with coffee. I like the pesto because it wasn’t too strong for my taste.


We tried the Tablea Blackout Cake right after dinner and it’s definitely the thing we’d love to come back. Its deep chocolate flavor isn’t too sweet which I personally like.

I’m definitely coming back again at Figaro, it’s one the coffee shops I’d love to hang out minus the overly noise of teens lurking around. Hehehe…



Figaro, Bonifacio High Street
Quadrant 5 space #1E108 City Center
Bonifacio Global City
Tel: (02) 856-1507