The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

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We’ve always celebrated Media Noche grand and bigger compared to Noche Buena, maybe because we never really had a big Noche Buena even way back. We don’t really stay up late on Christmas Eve rather we’re excited to wake up at dawn to check if Santa left something for us.


*our “field trip” going to Divi market 🙂

On December 31st it’s a tradition that we’ll drove to Divi Market amidst the threat of traffic and crowd, we can’t miss that yearly activity of hoarding cheap fruits and veggies and even fireworks from the streets of Juan Luan & Ylaya. We can’t afford the overpriced supermarket tag during this season so it’s really an effort for us to squeeze the city drive to make our New Year Eve’s festive and truly exceptional among other occasions. So, after picking up 13 rounded shape fruits (said to bring good fortune), some more vegetables and chestnuts and doughnuts, we queued at Contis to get our box of cakes and later on to S&R to get some cheese. We found ourselves dining at the nearby McDonald’s before we finally drove home. Well, it was worth the trip because we got everything we need in one pace.









Arriving home was a busier sight; we need everything prepared before the big leap, my sister commissioned the boys to perfect the pork bbq, including our favorite baby back ribs and some giant TJ hotdogs, yes, and they’re giant and not your ordinary jumbo. 😀 The kitchen was busy with two pasta dish being readied; of course the matriarch didn’t miss to cook her signature pancit canton and “palitaw”. We had to set up 2 tables this year because the customary buffet table was loaded with everything, the second table was filled with sweets, wines and cheese and…that distorted Salted Caramel Cake we got from Contis, sayang it was so divine-looking pa naman, nonetheless it tasted really good and we don’t mind getting the same cake again albeit the sad-fate of our cakes every New Year. I think we need a good chiller or probably a bigger travel cooler to avoid this from happening every year. The other cake we got, Black Velvet, made it to our buffet table in perfect form.


The household never sleeps. It’s a directive, at least at our household, that everyone must be up during this occasion. No one gets to sleep in lullaby until the firecrackers and fireworks and horns get into the deep of your ear, loud banging music at the stroke of midnight welcoming the New Year. So even the house helps remained wide and awake and somewhere in limbo because its way their sleeping time. While I remained in high spirit like the past years, excited like a kid to welcome 2015.


The kids, they’re equally excited


…and the dogs, they’re agitated 😦 except for my big B who’s more annoyed of the cracking sound outside while our little pup was clueless of what will happen next.



*Astro’s first of the many NY to come, brace yourself little one! 





Then, 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1! Happy 2015! 🙂

We lit fireworks and some firecrackers (?) as we join the multitude chase off the bad luck and hold close whatever good fortune this New Year will bring. We silently wished and prayed for fresh beginnings, continued blessing and closer family ties, good health and a good amount of resources to aid whatever project will set off this year, well, I have more than a truck full of wishes and wants and hopes and every year the list keep coming but seriously, I have to ask for a bigger and better 2015, a different perspective, a career move (?) which I think should set forward this time, and a lot of things new to wash away the old (including new set of clothes, shoes, bags, etc…ssshhh!).


A happy and prosperous 2015 to all!


😛 🙂 😀 ♥