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melissa ♥

Let me take a short break from all my sundate and family weekend happenings and brag a little this time. 😀 In between those eating out, I always keep back a little for myself, it’s a necessity to reward myself once in a while esp if depression hit me at times. Oh no, don’t think otherwise, my depression is nothing so serious. It’s not the same thing that led others to psychosis and worst death, mine is so, so far from becoming that. Mine is easily curable with a dash of love –cuddle and kisses from my two loves or better yet a dose of a shopping spree at my favorite stores with my favorite things on top. Well, the shopping privilege is always much welcome.

A day before Mother’s Day, I treated myself a bit and got a new pair of shoes yet again, just don’t count my shopping trip at PRP and Old Navy a week prior because those were part of the essentials. This time I gave in to my heart’s desire and took home what I started as a dream. Ganyan po ako kababaw. 🙂

I’ve been seeing Melissa shoes even from way back, esp at the Big Outlet events I’ve been to but it doesn’t appeal to me right there and then. Maybe because its jelly and plastic and there were plethora of it in Greenhills, replicas of course. I dunno where the sudden urge to have one came from, you know me I’m not an impulsive shopper so it took me months of peeping around IG, maybe trying to convince the self that it’s a must have. I need one.

So even before someone claimed that she had it first I’ll claim it righteously that I got mine weeks prior to hers and mine is overly pretty, mind you. So mean, hehehe.

ultragirl glitter iii_1

Melissa Ultragirl Glitter III is LOVE at first sight!

ultragirl glitter iii_2

It came in five colors and I got mine in red to complement the husband’s red Sperry. Matchy-matchy lang!

ultragirl glitter iii_3

There’s no doubt that this pair is comfortable and versatile because it can go with anything else.

ultragirl glitter iii_4

And I was all eyed to her because my feet fit perfectly in glittery red! 😛

After this pair, I’m up to getting another one and another one. Yes, I’m eyeing the Ultragirl VII and the Campana Fitas this time. And I love Melissa because they live for this: to place the world’s most beautiful dreams at your feet, so you can walk around every day feeling that your life can be the stuff of dreams. ♥



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