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happy 2nd bark-day Boi!

And to my handsome boy, Momi is sorry for the times I discounted you, for the times I yelled at you (because of your naughtiness and whatnots), for the times I left you without a word. I feel so guilty now. 😦 My lucky one, I hope your puppy ways may diminished soon tho I love it still when you behave like a 2 month old pup despite your built now, I love it when you woof for attention and hugs and I love it most when you can’t help yourself to give everyone your drooly kiss. Your puppy ways rule!


As you marked the second of your many birthdays to come, may you recognize that there’s other doggie outside our fence and that you’re far luckier than anyone of them. May you learn how to play (not hard play) with squeaky balls without tearing them off, oh boy! May you grow to love dog parks and restaurants like the big B, and behave as if you’re like a K-9 trained? May you find ease in going for a ride or the beach or the mall because we miss you on travels. Boi, my Lucky Boi, you were never just a second fur-baby to us, you have a special place in our hearts and whether it would take another two or three more years for you to become domesticated and all we would love you still. Now, shake you paws and say I’m TWO!

Happy Birthday my Luckydoo! ♥


happy 7th Bunso!


Bea, I know you long for Dadi more than you long for me and I can’t blame you enough because Dadi had sacrificed so much for you when you were just a little puppy. He cleans your poo and pee, he sneaks out of his office to check on you and feed you. He shares his pillows with you. He bathes you and brushes your teeth. He brings you to the Vet, he walks you and he runs with you. He shares with you his cone of ice cream, his burger sandwich, he actually thought you to eat almost everything that is edible and palatable because he treats you as his own, his very own fur-baby. Sometimes I feel jealous that you love him more


…but as I see the two of you connect I’m happy the way it is, the happiest paw-Momi you know because two of my loves dearly love each other and that the two of you would stick forever no matter what. As you turned a year older again today Bunso, may you overcome the natural signs of aging like Momi does. May you stay hale & hearty, giddy and bouncy and all. And may your feisty spirit lives on beyond infinity. You would fur-ever be my fur-baby, the one that taught us not to take ourselves so seriously; the one who made our lives more interesting and the one who loves us unconditionally.


Momi is sending virtual hugs and kisses to you, and I hope the weather would be good this weekend so we could go off somewhere and celebrate a little.


Happy Bark-day Bei Bei! ♥