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friends and crispchon

Ma Rica and family went on a short vacay last August and despite her very busy schedule while she was in Manila, she spent most days in her hometown Sorsogon, she never forgot to squeeze a date with us. It was a short meeting over dinner and so “bitin” other than we had fun the entire night.

Whenever friends would come home from abroad it’s me whom they’d contact right away, that even prior to their arrival they’d ask me to set a get-together with people close, those we had a very long affinity. I don’t know If it’s flattering that way or overwhelming that at least these people think I’m always the best person in town to do the job, that they trust me and my resources and even, well, my choice. Choice here means two things –people and place. It’s like I know better who to send invite and ask to go and secondly, they bank on my choice of restaurant to gather around. Nobody complained so far so I’m guessing they loved my preference in the past. 🙂 I set the meet up that Tuesday night, yes on a work day, Ma Rica left me with no choice because she was scheduled to fly back in California the following day. No one can’t say no of course, except for Pel who initially confirmed attendance but eventually had to excuse because he was hold back in the south, at the comfort of his Ayala Alabang abode. Anyhow, my invitees arrived not really on the dot but it was fine, thank you guys, just in time with Ma Rica and family’s coming in.


*photo belongs to Mesa

Mesa Filipino Moderne at SM Megamall’s Atrium was the venue I picked that night, foremost because I thought the family was craving for Filipino dishes, and Mesa’s wide menu choices from appetizer to main dishes would be great. Mesa also had a function room which was ideal for dining groups like us, it offers extra privacy and well, we can laugh our hearts out without being set in spotlight. I was assigned to do the ordering part like the usual, it always works that I checked reviews ahead of time because that saves time from browsing the menu and best is I had recommendations of what to pair with.


I got them Hito Flakes on Spoon to start our plush dinner, followed by Baked Scallops with Garlic Butter and Seafood Bean Curd Wansoy Soup.



Everyone loved the Baby Squid in Olive Oil and Sigarillas (wing beans tossed in coconut milk and shrimp), we also had Crispy Boneless Pata and their famed Crispchon served 2-way. We all enjoyed the latter because it’s like eating cholesterol the healthy way, that Crispchon in pandan crepes was love! ♥


Ma Rica’s kids were a bit picky eater now maybe because they’re used to American platters, the older kid (TP my godson) was even insisting that we dine at Chili’s but later on he settled with that order of Garlic Chicken, which only placed second to Gerry’s according to the little man. I’m impressed how kids these days can really compare taste and quality, really smart huh.


The rest of the evening was non-stop chitchat, it feels good to have these people around, it feels good to recollect our good old days and I felt 20 pounds lighter as well. If only Ma Rica wasn’t leaving so soon we could have planned a mini-getaway and so.


As we bid goodbye to Ma Rica and family that night with hugs and kisses, we thanked her as well for the wonderful dinner feast, we’ll be missing her again but not for long because she’s flying back in summer and we’re looking forward to more bonding and quality time and eat outs and fun. Until then, see you again my dear.


By the way, thank you for the pasalubong, you really know me well. 😛



Mesa Filipino Moderne
2F Mega Atrium
SM Megamall, Ortigas Center
T. +632 4704660

15 years after…

A month before her arrival we have been talking frequently over facebook about her homecoming and about a mini get-together. I was excited, I was looking forward of her coming to PI after fifteen years. Yes, you heard it right! A decade and a half when she last went home. I’ve been telling her how our hometown was changed the way I see it. They way people we both knew had been living for the past years. A day wouldn’t be enough to recap all what she missed back here.

high school graduation! L-R: L, ES, Hilda and Ann

ES was my high school buddy; she became one during our junior years when half of her class was merged to us. It was easy for us to get along especially when we learned that our families our allies. Our togetherness set back after ES and her family left PI in 1992 for US. We write letters to each other way back then to keep in touch and occasionally she would ring me to know how it has been.

ES homecoming in 1995. L-R: L, Lecel, ES and Pipo

Three years after (1995), ES went home on a short vacay and we organized a small get away with some of our batch mates. It was a very memorable one to recount how we hit the beach 🙂 . She flew back to US and life goes on for the two of us separately. We get married, we grow old and despite our distance, our friendship remained intact. Thanks to Yahoo! Messenger and numerous social networking sites, which kept us updated on each other lives.

Finally, she’s back! She arrived last October 19 and my excitement to see her grew more and more as I count the days to our meeting. And the day came last Saturday. It was so nice seeing ES after 15 years, it was so different from our conversation over IMs, we’re now face to face as we talk about so many things.


I send invites to LEARA however; it was only RVT who made it. Another friend, GL, joined us after an ambushed invite at his doorstep 🙂 .


We drove towards Tagaytay over a simple lunch, which I am pretty sure ES had been craving for some many years 🙂 . Pinoy dishes at its best!


We had a great time and the envy of those who didn’t make it, hehehe… 🙂

ES stay will be a short one so she’s been busy seeing friends and relatives everyday. We might be seeing again on November 1. Probably it would be the same group 🙂 unless some people would give time to join us this time.



P.S. Thanks to my cousin Moki for the ride 🙂 , he was my lifesaver this time after Winnie gets a dose of repair last Saturday.