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thursday woes

I’m not harsh just because I want to, you see, my becoming mean these days had something more to do with the feedback and response I’m getting here and there. It has something to do with people I dislike and the things I dislike about. I don’t normally hate people just because I’m feeling negative about them, all this hostility had its grounds for all you know and it’s grim, that at times I’m feeling the blues. Sometimes I feel that my being stern on policies and SOPs these days is becoming over the top and some people may get the wrong signal but it’s my own way of coaching and reminding them off that it’s no easy job at all, everything should count and it’s not because you’re an old timer you get a pass to excuse your negligence. I don’t like to procrastinate when work is involved. Finished off whatever you can today and don’t call off the day with issues unsettled. I tell you, we have nothing to talk and we’re good if everything falls into its place. Now, if you can’t stand my system you’d free to go, the door is wide open, and I’m no longer emotional of losing anyone because there would be someone out there who’d be more willing to take the opportunity and challenges of the job. So, don’t threat me with that intent to seek a greener pasture because I’m not gonna hold back any or anyone this time. 😐

hay buhay!


*my view during Black Saturday and Easter Sunday, i miss the serene sunset and the carefree beachgoers…

After vacaying for 7-days I’m shortly back at work, and what welcomed me was a big chaos, kumusta naman di ba? It was an exhausting Thursday and Friday, I’m dead beat. I don’t know what’s there for me this weekend other than I really, really need to recharge to brave another Monday. The life of a corporate slave, I’m beginning to despise it more and more.

I wish they had a word for being happy and sad at the same time because that’s what I feel this very minute. 😦