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revisiting uncle cheffy

uncle cheffy_6

The first time we dined at Uncle Cheffy was the day my eldest Winnie met her fateful accident, and the dining experience wasn’t a wow as well, so I thought it was really a bad day then but as I said beforehand I’m giving the restaurant a second try. I was considering that maybe we picked the wrong set the reason why I wasn’t impressed with all the food we consumed.

The second visit happens unexpected while my cousin Rheena was on her second business trip to Manila. She was checked in at F1’s in BGC, so during her recent stay we scheduled another dinner, had two dinner dates with her and Tita Pearl during the first trip but I lost account –the first at Italianni’s and the second in Elias. This time we were joined by another maternal cousin who actually planned this meet up. The original plan actually was to drive all the way to Las Pinas to head bang with 19 East live performers but on a weekday we had to consider work the next day and the possible hangover of alcohol.

I was at first thinking of trying out a new restaurant around Burgos Circle that night, say Barcino or The Distillery but the two seems to be upscale and I don’t want to burden my paying cousin besides I was  thinking of splitting the bill with her. Anyhow, because Uncle Cheffy’s al fresco dining looked inviting that night we all mutually decided there, plus factor was they had beers so we don’t need to hop to another bistro later on for booze.

This time around I made sure I got the right set of food so I won’t regret any later on and impress ze cousins in a way. 🙂

uncle cheffy_7

First to arrive on our table was their famed brick-oven Panizza, I was telling Tita Pearl that it’s very much like the Dear Darla pizza, tho Uncle Cheffy’s version was a bit different because arugula was replaced with lettuce. For the second time, the panizza remained to be a disappointment for me. Sorry but C’ Italian’s version remained to be first on my list. I never liked my pizza or panizza so thin.

uncle cheffy_8

I got us Grilled Prawns and Pomelo Salad, I thought it’s nice to have a good crunch of greens. And it made me really happy, the grilled prawns were juicy and huge and its roasted sesame vinaigrette dressing made its overall flavor. And the serving was generous, two thumbs up for this salad!

uncle cheffy_9

For our main, I ordered 1000g of BBQ Pork Ribs, the order came with Asian Fried Rice which ze cousin Wowie enjoyed. I think it paid well that a second visit is a must because this time I have named Uncle Cheffy’s pork ribs next to Friday’s Jack Daniel’s Ribs, my all-time favorite fall-of-the-bone baby back ribs! ♥ And the price was surprisingly cheap.

uncle cheffy_10

We had a night cap with two bucket of beers and pork sisig and baked mussels, a light convo about families, about careers, just about anything less the drama, less the intrigues, less the issues within the kith and kin. I love days like this when everything seems too normal and fall into place. No family is perfect. There may only be gloomy days but in the end when everything goes like hell, the people who’ll stand by you without flinching remain to be the family. And Uncle Cheffy, you won me this time! 🙂



Uncle Cheffy
Unit C, Bellagio II, Forbes Rd. corner Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Cit
M. +632659 8030 / 659 8031

uncle cheffy|eat-all-you-can-order

We started our Saturday at past noon, drove to Burgos Circle to lunch out. The weather was gloomy then which I like, you know how Manila weather sucks when the sun is on its mighty, so, I’d always prefer the gloomy one, a bit windy and friendly. Burgos Circle is my kind of place, foremost because the place wasn’t overly crowded, tho not so sure if its the same during peak hours or during the work-week, the restaurant choices seem to vary from one another and you feel transported to some European cities with all that al fresco dining. I feel sosyal lang, bakit ba?

uncle cheffy_1

Only that the restaurant of choice that afternoon wasn’t really so sosyal and we gave it a go once more and ate like no tomorrow. Kain construction worker lang ulit, hehehe. I’ve been seeing post of panizza and its famed BBQ ribs on IG and facebook, you know how social media works on you –it kept you drooling and drooling until you finally join the bandwagon. So, finally Uncle Cheffy here we are. The restaurant interior wasn’t impressive as I thought but because there weren’t too many diners that time, the place was spanking clean and reserved–a good option for some we-time.

uncle cheffy_5

The menu was very thick, something I dislike at times because it’s gives me a hard time to browse and decide on what I really want. It’s like shopping with so many options, sometimes it’s being limited has its good purpose and worth. Anyhow, to cut our ordering short I requested for the eat-all-you-order list, it’s a lengthwise sort of paper with choices from appetizer to dessert, what can you ask for? It’s the second time I encountered this eat-all-you-can routine, wherein you’d just check your choices and it will delivered right to your table. This is perfect for those who love to eat and find it grating to get up from their comfy seat. The downside, it makes you bloated easily, no chance for you to walk a little and burn a little all those carbo-loading meals because you’re stuck at your table for the rest of the feast but on the contrary, literally, you eat like a queen. 😛

For our first round we had ceasar salad, calamares, 2 slices of panizza, al pesto, tuna belly, pork belly lechon, garlic rice and marble potatoes. I believe I had an order of that really famed BBQ pork ribs but none had arrived at our table, when I followed it up I was disheartened to find out that it was not available. My take on this, when you claim for it to be one of your bestseller, most requested item, make sure it’s always available because that’s how you are going to be rated.

Amongst our first set of orders, it’s the al pesto that left a little impression on me, it wasn’t too oily and the pesto wasn’t too strong for my taste. Its light, even the serving size was just right. Nothing to rave on that mouthful serving of greens, calamares wasn’t a happy sight, sorry but its like fried in used oil and thickly coated, and pork belly was too fat just like ours. Hahaha.

I know Dadi wasn’t really enjoying his food, I can tell because he’s rather interested to come out of the restaurant and make selfies on the line-up of luxury cars which were parked right across of the restaurant. This out of topic but if you are a car aficionado that do not have the millions to expend on a Ferrari, you could chance these good-looking drivers este cars parading their big toys at Burgos Circle on weekends especially on Sundays. Calling all single ladies, you know the drift –wear your killer heels and your sexy lips when you come around.

uncle cheffy_3

Back at our late lunch, we gave Uncle Cheffy’s a second round and we got baked oysters, assorted seafood oriental, beef salpicao, another round of panizza and that top blade steak which we requested to medium well-done.

Panizza wasn’t impressive, believe that the first serving doesn’t even have that alfalfa sprouts and the crust was half-cooked, it tasted floury. Sorry, I would forever remain partial to C’ Italian for their authentic panizza. Beef salpicao was swimming in oil and that order of seafood oriental was like all sauce & mushroom minus the seafood. 😦 Top blade steak was salty and the cut was a little weird for me, or maybe it wasn’t really appealing and all. Le sigh! Baked oysters saved our second round, thank God for it! ♥

At P495 each, iced tea was bottomless but you have to call the attention of the wait staff every now and then, yes, even at that time when diners were numbered. And if you’re thinking that maybe we just half-finished our food because of my not so pleasant comment above, you’re totally wrong because I can’t stomach either paying P650 for the left over charge. It would be a total rift off if we’d allow that to happen, so thank goodness for the small serving of each, at least we were able to finish off everything easily.

uncle cheffy_4

With these, I’m not really closing my doors, I’m willing to give Uncle Cheffy another try but the next time we’ll go ala carte only, we’ve learned our lessons well –you always get what you pay for, and by then I think I’ll be fair enough to review if Uncle Cheffy is POP or is just another of those your run-of-the-mill restaurants. I didn’t mention about dessert, forget it anyway and go somewhere else. 😀



Uncle Cheffy
Bellagio 2, Forbes Town Center
Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
T. +63 02 6598031,
M. +63 9209243044