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sundate no.33

sundate no.33_1

When the fambam celebrated Tatay’s 63rd last June in Josephine’s Tagaytay, we listed the neighboring Summit Ridge Hotel next. Tho that “next” took a month to happen, it was well-worth the wait especially that July wasn’t a good month because of the rammasun, and Tagaytay was severely hit.

sundate no.33_2

Like the usual Sundays when we’re home at the parental house, we would drove to The Little Souls to hear the 10am mass. We loved it there because it’s serene and away from the bustling city sound effects. After the mass, the family would normally troop at the ridge to have lunch. We’re the usual family, who loves to enjoy good food and good vibes, and admit it or not a well put together place is vital, and hotel setting is always impressive and seamless.

sundate no.33_3

When we spotted this tarp the last time, we thought it was cheaper and probably a nice change from our usual grind. So without further ado, we visited C2 Classic Cuisine last August 3. Tho we came a little unsure of this dining adventure just because the tarp was removed from the hotel’s façade already, we pushed it anyway.

Guess what? It was my first time to step in at Summit Ridge Hotel. Yes, even if we’ve been frequenting Tagaytay for the longest time I could only name a few hotels I’ve been there to. It’s because we find it impracticable to pay thousands for a night sleep when a comfy retreat –the parental house, awaits our homecoming now and then. Other than, we would obviously enjoy a signature hotel scent in the morning of crisp linen and lavenders, and a breakfast buffet to complement the morning vibe. It’s too ideal you know. I love. ♥  This time around we’re just visiting the hotel to have lunch.

sundate no.33_4

Arriving at past 11am, we’re the first customer by far so we had time to scan the spread and pick a comfy seat of our choice –where lighting and ventilation was mostly considered. Anyhow, the spread wasn’t too many, I expected that already but I think it’s just fair for its P499 price so if you’d complain about it’s being limited get ready to pay double and go off to Taal’s Café Veranda instead.

But what came up a surprise to me and to my family was, C2’s spread were wholly the food we were just craving about. It was like we phoned in the chef and asked him to cook our favorites. We can’t be any happier this time.

sundate no.33_5

The fambam started to lunch literally while I remained in awed and left me eating my greens again. I always thought it’s a nice starter and Kansi (Ilonggo’s version of sinigang and bulalo) was just right to warm my belly. I had a piece of bread, and jam and butter to pair with. Well, it would be a more welcome treat if there would at least two kinds of cheese around –sharp and strong, I suggest.

sundate no.33_6

Bread station

sundate no.33_7

The famed Adobong Balut

sundate no.33_8

Dessert Corner

I wasn’t able to capture the complete spread but I assure you everything is delicious and filling and would make you come back for more. They serve plain rice and bagoong rice, which was more like Thai rice because it had green mango. We all loved this bagoong rice to bits, perfect to pair with anything grilled. They had Gising-Gising (winged bean cooked in coconut milk with shrimp and grilled pork) and Pakbet (topped with daing na bangus). Other hot dishes include Adobong Balut, which the sisteret craved a day before this dining event, Tid-Tad (dinuguan in Pampanga), Grilled Liempo and Morcon. I don’t know with you but I enjoyed my lunch because everything tasted freshly cooked.

sundate no.33_13

From Upper Left Clockwise: My happy plate with everything on it –bagoong rice, gising-gising, pakbet, grilled liempo, morcon and adobong balut, Tid-Tad at puto, my dessert plate  –watermelon, black forest cake and turon de leche + brewed coffee and Kansi

Tho on a second note I hope there’s a fish dish for my old folks who cannot pander too much on meat and cholesterol pounding recipes. Hehehe. For dessert they had fresh fruits –watermelon and pineapple, turon the leche (which was another hit), black forest cake (which the fambam almost cleared up) and halo-halo station. Unlimited refill of drinks was included –four seasons, calamansi, I forgot the other one. And mind you, coffee was available –limitless as well. On top of everything, service was impeccable. All wait staffs were well-mannered and welcoming, most especially our dedicated wait staff, Mr. Warren Cueno. He ensured our experience was pleasant and extra exceptional. My old folks appreciated much the little chat. Thank you for the warm treatment, we left very happy and we look forward in visiting back. 🙂

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sundate no.33_10

sundate no.33_14

sundate no.33_11

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So the next time you’ll visit Tagaytay, try C2’s Weekend Buffet, you’ll never go wrong anyway with Pinoy comfort food. ♥



C2 Classic Cuisine
G/F Summit Ridge Hotel
Km 58 Maharlika West, General Emilio. Aguinaldo Highway,
Tagaytay City, Philippines 4120

P.S. Yes, the niece can play the piano so she’d better memorize a piece in prep to our come back 😀


a wish come true at flavors


My cousin Irish is like a little sister to me, one of the closest too among the maternal side, probably because despite our 12-year old gap I’ve seen her grow, I’ve seen her settled, I’ve been at every stage of her life and probably because she has no biological sister in tow she grew to be extra-clingy with Che and me. Last year, even before the the “ber” months rolled up she requested me to gift her with something not tangible, something she never experienced yet, something I thought was no big deal, no-brainer present –a hotel buffet! I quickly said yes, fair enough I guess because that would excuse me from poking around the mall for that hard to find item.

But after all the depressing incidents with my maternal family last December I felt it’s not timely to grant her Christmas gift at the same moment. I had to delay it. 😦 I had to delay it further in January because it’s our birthday month, as expected we have scheduled dates and eat outs with friends and colleagues. I know she was like losing hope that I’ll defer and defer until its Christmas time again. Hahaha. Little did she know I was also waiting for a good deal to come out so I’ll save a little from this impending treat. 😀

I was at first considering Market Café at Hyatt Regency but it was a bit far flung and the price was a bit steep for my party of four. We’re four because I counted Che and SAM, I was thinking that Irish and I might just bore down and eventually do not enjoy our two-someness. And besides I always see it that the more the merrier. 🙂 I patiently waited for Deal Grocer to offer more affordable hotel buffet until I chanced this voucher for four at Flavors Restaurant in Holiday Inn & Suites Makati. Honestly, I had second thoughts despite its tempting offer. I scanned some online reviews and in some way it doesn’t give me that super excited feeling, I felt it was very basic and ordinary. However, time is running and summer is coming soon and yet the Christmas gift remained in the stars. So to end the story short, I bought a voucher and scheduled our lunch date right away.



Fast forward to February 15, I met up Che, SAM & Irish at Holiday Inn, I asked them to come earlier to avoid the heavy traffic, the first road reblocking in Edsa was happening then. They were early and super excited thus my coming late was ignored. We arrived at Flavors Restaurant just in time for the lunch buffet at 12noon, a pretty later start if you’d ask me because I’m used to hotel buffets that starts as early as 11am tho it must be the breakfast buffet, it tends to extend on weekends. Since the hotel is very new, its fixtures were very orderly and fresh. I especially love the chairs because it’s wide, it’s ideally designed for big diners like us.






Flavors’ wasn’t as big as I expect including its spread but none that a good appetizer and dessert can fix. I’m almost agreeing to Jane (of Sugar Spice and Everything Nice) when she suggested and mentioned in one of her posts about half price only for antipasti & dessert station and ala-carte for mains & separate for drinks, I think that would be a great deal and I’m so in for that. 🙂


There were few diners dining with us that time, I was assuming that most guests went on a V-date the night before and they were still snoring under the blankets by now. I’d consider it as an advantage anyway. 😀 Che, SAM & Irish started to fill their plates soon as we got seated comfortably, when you do the reservation ask for the window seat so that natural lightning comes in.



My first happy plate, something that I always look forward –a good mix of greens, maki & sushi & some special salad mix which I do not get to enjoy daily.




The trio happily enjoyed their greens too and sweets in Irish case.




My second happy plate are what I considered mains already –crispy pata from the carving station, lamb stew, cream dory, mashed potato & honey glazed veggies, peppered ham, chicken lollipop and cheese sausage from the kids station.



Something that makes Flavors distinct from other hotel restaurants maybe the kiddie station, it had dishes very appropriate for the little ones. They even make it a lot more eye-catching with colorful kiddie cutlery, tastefully designed if I may add. We all loved the cream dory here.


No drink was included on the buffet, I didn’t bother to ask for anything because that would mean addition on my part, hehehe, and I guess we were served purified water at least.



I usually ignore the noodle station but for some reason, maybe the lack of choices here, I tried and created my own noodle bowl. Mine doesn’t look appetizing but it was flavorful and filling.


I can no longer account what my party had gotten and wolfed down, they have their own phasing, appetizer-dessert-more appetizers-more dessert-mains-appetizers-dessert-appetizers. See, it’s not the normal thing but it’s permissible so long as they enjoyed and most importantly didn’t let the food on their plate go to waste. I have that notion always that most people who ate in buffets waste half of the food because they end up not liking it after getting a half full plate. Please get only what you can eat.



My very sweet plate –banoffee, pudding, a slice of sponge cake and mini-slices of cheesecake. The cheesecake was the winner of them all because it’s dense, thick and creamy, just the way I want my cheesecake. I went back for it twice, it was that good that I nearly sneaked some slices to my bag for take home. Hahaha. But my sister and I was wondering why it was kept almost unseen at the dessert station, try to look for it at the corner where dried fruits, cracked cookies and other items for dipping were placed. It was almost unnoticeable. There’s also a halo-halo station and fresh fruits to suit your liking.


And lastly they have giant pepero which my sister wanted to bring home! 😛


Generally we had a superb lunch even with the very limited variety of food, on a second note it wasn’t really cheap even if you have Deal Grocer’s voucher. I’ve been into hotel buffets comparatively cheaper other than the food was overflowing including a wide seafood & meat section for grilling and pasta bar and prime rib at the carving station and assortment of my favorite cheeses. I hope the spread at Flavors would make better because I heard the neighboring hotel’s restaurant café carries a more decent choices.








We stayed for a while at the hotel’s lobby to cool down a bit and take pictures of course, no wonder the hotel is packed because of its up to date furnishings, who wouldn’t love to spend a staycation here. Me want! ♥


Because it was a bit early for the trio to travel back in Cavite we decided to see a local movie showing at that time only that tickets to all three cinemas (where film was shown) were sold out. We settled for this paranormal romance novel turned movie where dhampir and moroi, and the evil strigoi were casted. Vampire Academy wasn’t really my type of movie but with my very bubbly company it became a good film to see and the subject of our rap session later on. I just don’t know how beef stroganoff became part of our mockery, strigoi and stroganoff rhymes together eh.


I hope we’ll find ways to do this again. I had fun and I bet each of you had a great day too. 😛


P.S. Service at Flavors was impeccable, I just have to add that 🙂



Flavors Restaurant
Holiday Inn & Suites Makati
Palm Drive, Ayala Center
Makati City

For Reservations:
T. +632 909 0888