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revisiting figaro


Husband and I frequent coffee shops because we find the food serving a bit light, ideal for our pretend diet :D, plus we don’t need to move for desserts. Most even became our default dinner place because they’re open up until late-night, it’s perfect for our late, late night cravings.

Coming from a very tiring weekend in Palawan I was dog-tired and hungry at the same time. When Leoncio picked me at the airport I was already half-awake but first I want something to eat, this is one of those times that I cannot just simply trade my hungry pangs to a catnap. We dropped Boni High for a quick dinner, we first lined for CBTL but the place was packed. I was drooling for their salad but waiting wasn’t an option that night. There were a good line-up of coffee shops at Boni High but I don’t have much energy to move from end to end so we settled with what’s nearby.

Figaro is one of the oldest coffee shops in the metropolis, it opened way back even before Starbucks had their first store in the Philippines. And because it is Filipino-owned they prickle the right aroma and taste of the perfect coffee, we Pinoy love. ♥ Like most coffee shops, Figaro these days not only offer coffee and pastries, they have specialty pasta, gourmet sandwiches, ala carte, salad, pizza, all-day breakfast and rice meals.


I really wanted some greens after missing it during my stay in Palawan but I wanted a bit of pasta too, the Tuscan Chicken ala carte was so perfect for my appetite. The chicken was flavorful tho a bit dry, the greens was crisp and dressed lightly, and the pasta was tomato-based which I like –my favorite food in one plate! The order came with a medium-sized iced tea, a real value for your money.


The husband chose a rice meal, I’m sensing he didn’t had a decent meal while I’m away, the reason why he ordered something filling that night. It’s called Pork Tenderloin in Asian Pesto Sauce. It was served with tomato and cucumber salsa and your choice of brewed coffee or iced tea. He paired his with coffee. I like the pesto because it wasn’t too strong for my taste.


We tried the Tablea Blackout Cake right after dinner and it’s definitely the thing we’d love to come back. Its deep chocolate flavor isn’t too sweet which I personally like.

I’m definitely coming back again at Figaro, it’s one the coffee shops I’d love to hang out minus the overly noise of teens lurking around. Hehehe…



Figaro, Bonifacio High Street
Quadrant 5 space #1E108 City Center
Bonifacio Global City
Tel: (02) 856-1507

a saturdate at BGC

I want to believe that I’m okay now, probably way better than the previous weeks. I’m starting to let go of my anger by doing nothing, I simply watched it fade away in silence. I believe it’s the best way to deal with my sentiments because the more I tried to dig the issue the more it depresses me. Sigh!

And because I always look forward to spending weekends particularly Saturdays (now) with my other half, it’s easier to dismiss all my negative thoughts. I don’t know with you but after 8 years of marriage I remained to be extra-clingy despite the ups and downs of our married life, maybe because we jibe in so many ways.


During his off last Saturday we left the house at around 11am, earlier than the usual weekends, and drove to BGC for a change. Tho not a real change because we’ve been frequenting BGC beforehand. I wanted to go straight at Boni High Street to visit Old Navy, I was very excited of this because it’s the first Old Navy store to open in Manila and I can’t be left behind especially that I support the merchandise. Besides there will be extra perks for early birds as I eavesdropped on some blogs who covered the launched the night before. But my anticipation was stopped for a moment because the husband had a different game plan. He suggested that we go to S&R first for lunch then to Boni High and later at SM Aura. Well, I thought it was a wiser plan so we won’t be going back and forth plus we’ll get lunch on time. 🙂


I had my favorite combo –clam chowder and vegetable calzone. ♥


But how I can resist S&R’s goodies, despite my pledge no to shop, when in fact they’re my favorites and discounted this time, we made a round after lunch and bought chips and chocolates, and laundry products that is good for the next quarter. S&R’s March Big Deals isn’t that fantabulous because there were only few items on B1T1 so you better watch out for April’s Members Treat for great savings, well, I hope we could visit back by then and brush elbows with the privileged. Hehehe, social climber eh!



And, and finally we’re at High Street and Old Navy was waving and winking at me. 😀 The store occupied what was the former GAP & Muji store, and maybe because Old Navy is under Gap, Inc. which is by the way operated by Stores Specialist Inc. the interiors was only altered a bit. I love the vibe, it’s young and fashionable and most importantly trendy-on-a-budget.


The denim jeans were on 50% sale the entire weekend and for me that was very hard to pass on, I got myself The Diva Skinny Jeans, not bad because I got to spend P1, 650 only for two pairs already.


While the husband got himself a rather more expensive pair, the Premium Skinny Jeans, that fits totally well on him. He enjoyed 50% off too and got his pair for P1,125 only. Old Navy’s Manila price isn’t dirt-cheap if you must know but it’s neither expensive too, it’s on the mid-range based on my opinion even if we didn’t get the jeans on sale.


Old Navy’s flagship store at BHS is divided into 3 floors, the lower ground floor is the women’s section, second level is for baby/toddlers/children and the third level is the men’s. Also at the third level is CBTL Coffee Bar (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf) where you can spend time while your dear wife is shopping. Hehehe.




During the first day of its opening, customers got to take home free Old Navy tote bag for every P1,500 worth of purchases, I actually hoped for this but because we bought sale items we were not given the free bag anymore. 😦 But there’s more, upon exit at the store we were given vouchers for the mini-event happening at BHS grounds, there were games and freebies and food.




We actually won something from the store, a free essential tee and another 30% on Old Navy flip flops. We also got to grab some light snacks for free –potato balls & nachos and CBTL canned drinks. I couldn’t be happier! 😛


I promise myself to save and plan my next trip because I’m drooling to take home more from Old Navy. By the way the second store will be opening this Saturday at Glorietta, mark the date!

Later that day we drove to SM Aura to check the supermarket once again, I remember the last time I saw some really good items especially at its imported line but probably because we’ve been to S&R earlier that day and I almost bought all the items I really fancy we ended up buying our weekly supply only. Oh and we made a quick round at Uniqlo and Forever 21, just checking some summery outfits for the coming holiday this April. We wrapped up the day with hot coffee and warm French toast from Starbucks, I know it’s boring for a dinner but we’d like to believe that we’re on a diet and we must not eat lavishly, it’s Lent and fasting is a must. 🙂