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happy birthday sista ♥

sister noun \ˈsis-tər\ : a female who has one or both parents in common with another <wiki>


Growing up with a younger sibling was not easy at all, a female sibling to be exact, especially that our age gap was quite big there was a generation gap and it took us long before we finally started to jibe and got on the same wavelength. And we have fights sporadically –big and small, which I think is very normal to every sister who’s both tough and insane and smart. 🙂

I know I’m not the perfect nor the ideal big sister other than I’m trying to be one by being peaceful in all my actions and by doing the right thing (?), and I’m making an effort to create a good relationship because we only have each other and that we should stick together thru thick or thin. Okay, I don’t like this post to sound like a drama marathon because it’s her birthday week. She’ll mark her 30 something birthday on the 26th so this post. And we had a little celebration in advance last Saturday after her shift –a simple dinner at my favorite bistro.

With warm bread to start while enjoying a good convo, catching up like we didn’t see each other for ages.

I had her sample my new favorite pasta dish.


Spaghetti Vongole, fresh clams, sautéed with garlic, tomatoes, white wine, olive oil and sprinkled with chili flakes.

And had her pick our pizza, I had no idea she wanted the flatbread so we had it.


Caprese, tomato slice, fresh mozzarella, basil, alfredo sauce, topped with basil leaves


Someday, somehow I’ll be more giving like if there’s only one cookie, I’ll have her have it or at least give her the bigger half because she needs it more than I do. Sisters are meant to share, to care, to help and to have fun with.

Sister dear, may you have a good life ahead, may you have more healthy years to come and may you succeed in whatever decisions you’ll made. And remember that sisters to sisters we will always be no matter how amount of boo-boo and brouhaha will come to us.


Happy Happy Birthday Sista! ♥

Let’s celebrate this weekend with the ubiquitous smell of incense and stinky estero and delicious hakaw!


never forget you…

It’s been a while, two months went so fast, I miss you buddy

I thought it’s easy to move on when even before that fateful day I was always readying myself for the worst. I even had the guts to complacently tell people that sooner or later this death will come. But I was very wrong. Death may seem the end of it all but not the memories especially the happy times. And as I typed this and sipped my coffee in between, and wait for this day to end, I can’t help but miss you and remember how it’s been like last year before August 16, your birthday, and your 40th. 🙂 Your BU mates were equally excited that even days before your birth date they made a special countdown, everyone must’ve been excited for the lunch treat you’ve promised.

The day has come, your workspace had been flocked with multihued balloons, trimmings and candies and a basket of red blooms, and yellow blooms. It was a pretty sight indeed and everyone was giddy as they meet you and greet you, as if facebook greetings weren’t enough and even text messages and calls too.

At lunch time, everyone was treated to a sumptuous feast which your sister Tenie and Tatay dotingly brought all the way from Binangonan. It was so thoughtful of them to really make time. They’re presence made your little party big-time. I envy your cake, the one from Hizon’s, your BU mates ensured you’ll be wowed with all the details of that day. Your 40th birthday was a blast! Something that I wished my team had planned well too, well for me of course. 😀 I can’t account the amount of happiness you had that day, the grinning was ear to ear. And your pink tee gave you a wonderful glow even. The merry making that day was never-ending, it was a real rave and truly significant, something that would be remembered on and on. That even the day after, you can’t help concealed the happiness and got mesmerized again and again on that yellow roses which Carlos lovingly sent. And you endlessly thank the Lord for the forty years of your life, I was happier for you because you passed what they say was the crucial age of 40.

Tomorrow will be your birthday again and I’ll be missing the smile, your silly laughs, your funny face…Minerva, I miss you and your animated presence, I miss you and your calls when we will just talk nonsense and eventually laugh it off, I miss the many times you’ll pass by me, I miss the many occasions we’re happily together. Now that you’d be celebrating it away, may all the cherubs in heaven surprise you tomorrow with harps and singing. Enjoy the colors of heaven –the brightness, the luster that seems to incorporate the sun’s rays, the moon’s beams, the star’s glitter, and out there over the canopy enjoy eternity my friend.

for minerva_19

Have fun in heaven! ♥


happy name day ‘ney

name day_2014

Today marks the husband’s name day, his second birthday actually, which our old folks in Ilocos observed yearly. And we’re simply celebrating it over dinner later.

To the one who’d always put a frown on my face and at the same lit my mood and put a smile on it, Happy Name Day! Always remember that things get better with age. I love you babe este ‘ney! ♥


random at home

It’s always pretty extraordinary when we’re home because I get to spend quality time with the B’s especially the clingy B who’d always wanted Momi’s attention. There were times I tried to go hiding when she’s busy poking around the kitchen and yet she would easily sense my absence and would go her way to look for me right away, I can’t be anywhere without her that’s it. So, even if I just needed to pee I have to leave a little opening so she’ll see me in a way. Bunso, ligo tayo!


It’s one of the many reasons why I love going home, it’s one of the things I dearly look forward to, I love her smell (even if she’s stinky already), I love her sight in the morning and I love to watch her snooze in deep. I’m forever grateful because of her, B taught us freely what unconditional love is.


Anyhow, aside from the big B’s presence, I always have the other B’s banging woofs. The other B had this tendency to wield all his energy barking even at the gust of wind. And beneath he’s impassive looks his spirit remained to be of a small pup that loves belly rub and hugs. Oh boy! Momi still prays that may you soon outgrow the naughty days. Sorry that we need to put you on leash Boi. 😦


And there’s Tonyo, remember him? Yes, the fluffy white pup my friend Atoy gave three years ago. He used to stay at my sister’s compound but when the latter’s family moved back at the parental house he was relocated too. I’m guilty that I don’t play with him much as I played with the other two but every now and then I’d give him a nice rub especially when the backdoor is open and he peeks in.

That Saturday, I really had plenty of rest and sleep (?) and if it didn’t rained that night we could’ve lounged and had coffee at the ridge. I remember the husband even texted, asking me about plans that night but I was too lazy to go anywhere around. Besides, we’re leaving early the next day so we’d rather retire early on. The action-packed Sunday went on, read the first part here.


Arriving home from Tagaytay, we rushed a surprise birthday dinner for Saira, she is my second cousin’s pretty daughter. We found it late that’s why we didn’t had plans in advance. Sai and her sister Shane were a common sight at our household, they’re not just P’s playmate, they’re my Nanay’s orphans when the father is drunk and away. Yes they’re like orphans ever since the mother ran off from home and abandon them. Tsk. I could never understand how Lisa could simply abandon the kids and choose to create new memories somewhere else. Sigh! Anyhow, Sai was celebrating her 10th and we hope the little surprise made her happy despite the family issues and life crisis she’d been at her young age. I hope she’ll grow up to be strong and positive and happy. For now we wish her to enjoy every bits of her childhood.



Sai, you are loved, remember that always. ♥

Now, I can only look forward to my forthcoming long weekend next week. I’m vacationing starting on the 21st and will be back to work on the 26th. It’s like Christmas in August except that money is a little scarce now. Hehehe


happy birthday in heaven

ninang elo

I will always have this place of my heart that smiles whenever I think about you. To the one whom I look up to, we’re missing you on your birthday. Have fun in heaven Ninang Elo! ♥


gian paolo

It’s amazing how time seems to fly so fast, even before I knew it the cold breeze has gone, summer is here and someone is marking his birthday. Yehey!

pao's 7th_1

Our little big boy would turn 7 come this Sunday and I smell festivity and merry making, you know my family they won’t let this occasion go by just like that. 😀

And Ninang is coming home to greet the birthday boy!  ♥