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a merry christmas|2014

And so it’s Christmas


We were home in Cavite on Christmas Eve even if the 24th was already a holiday, you know that last minute Christmas rush, the holidays wouldn’t be complete and happy without it anyway. Say that we even managed to have dinner at S&R Macapagal despite the store closing early that night, I feel so Christmas already with clam chowder, so babaw lang! 😀 And for a moment I thought we’d spent Christmas on the road once again because the husband ran out of gas, it’s a lesson learned, never take chances because most gasoline stations closes early on Christmas Eve and I bet it’s the same on New Year’s Eve. Arriving home, we had to rush wrapping some more gifts so it’d be ready in the morning. We forced the kids to sleep early so dear Santa can finally drop off his presents, the bigger kiddo a.k.a. SAM was snooping the entire night. Well, I think she’s at that stage right now where she just needs to believe to old Saint Nicholas so she can get her wish without any tough ordeal.



Like the past Christmases, we need to be up early for the traditional gift opening, well, the kids of course were the star of our Christmas and their huge and expensive gifts.


And what do you know, Santa was extra generous this year because I got a box too, for the first time in many years my Christmas present came just in time for Christmas Day and my smile was ear to ear. 😛


I also got the kids initial gift (?), so I’d expect a grandeur one from the “Mom & Dad”?



Definitely not our Astro Boi…Big Boi or Pompeii? 

And because I became busy during the last few days of work I had so little time to check the mall for the big B’s gift so she ended up helping Ysabel unwrap her huge box. But my big B had her early Christmas gift as early as November –that three new handsome looking pups was more than enough to make her Christmas a merry one.


Margarita Ysabel, our little miss ♥


Gian Paolo, our still baby boy ♥


Samantha Angela Marie, our fine lady ♥

And what is Christmas without showing off the kiddos new collection, I know it’s too lavish these days especially that some kids doesn’t even have a decent tee to wear or totally with nothing on but we’d just like the kids at our house to experience the same thing we did when my sister and I were growing up –new clothes, new shoes, new toys, etc.


I know my parents were a bit spoiler the reason why we never really felt deprived, and tho it may look extravagant and uncalled for to some, well, haters gonna hate and losers gonna lose more. Sorry, but it’s the season of the year to dress up and be merry and make the kids super happy, so, I think splurging quite this one time shouldn’t draw too many questions and raised eyebrows. 🙂


So, I wouldn’t list anymore what the kids got from Santa, everything is lurve, that’s it!


And like the previous years we have visiting cousins and nephews and nieces on Christmas Day.


We had a decent spread to feed guests even tho we didn’t really observe the customary Noche Buena.


Leoncio and I were able to squeeze a late lunch at Mahogany Market on Christmas Day, first-timers to sample what Mahogany is famed for. We had an order of Bulalo and Caldereta, I’ll give a thumbs up for the flavorful Bulalo from Alegre’s Canteen (as recommended by Jewel during her visit to Tagaytay) other than the Caldereta was a far cry of my very own concoction, love your own, hehehe. We didn’t stay really long at Mahogany, we’re actually there to buy B’s “ulam”, our special treat to her for Christmas –beef ribs for a soupy meal at home.





By eve, we drove back to Tagaytay for the annual coffee feast with the maternal. Traffic was heavier and annoying, even the alternate Mahogany Drive was clogged with too many Christmas goers. I was estimating the time because Leoncio had work the following day and seeing the horrible blockage and all was enough for us to make a turn. We’d probably won’t enjoy too because the favorite coffee shop would be jam-packed, seats would be too hard to reserve especially for a bigger group like us, and coffee would be bland and warm. 😦 I assumed we made a good turn because we ended up to another favorite spot in Tagaytay, thank you Bag of Beans for accommodating us and our last minute requests.


We had bottomless brewed coffee, hot mocha, caramel cappuccino, white mocha, pancakes, lasagna, pizza, burger and their signature raisin loaf and shepherd’s pie.




It was indeed a merry night despite our decreasing number every year. One day we’ll celebrate Christmas in complete attendance once again, I’m dearly hoping.


A Merry Christmas still ♥


sundate no.23


We we’re home even before the love month bid goodbye, I was particularly home because I needed to preside another batch meeting. It was another fun meet like the previous two meetings and I enjoyed more the get-together afterwards. We hit Tagaytay and it was an occasion I’d be writing about soon. 🙂


The following day it’s time for me to treat the kids again, it’s time for Ninang to unwind at the same time –a momentary break before another workweek ruin my happy spirit. I’m not really enjoying the workplace at the moment, there’s ton of issues unsettled and it’s worrying me, the worst I’m almost always feeling sick because of those. Mind over matter, I wish it’s easy just like that, I have to pacify myself and let go of whatever negative vibes and just go about the flow and enjoy (?). I wish I can just swipe bigheaded people around, I think I created my very own monster. 🙂


Okay when in Tagaytay I’ve always wanted coffee, more coffee sort of bottomless to say , so to end my caffeine addiction we ended up at Bag of  Beans –our one-stop shop for caffeine booze, breakfast, dessert & take home.

Bag of Beans bottomless coffee is a steal! I can finish three cups and pay a little over than P100, no guilt feel and coffee is always fresh. Oh and that wonderful aroma!


We ordered our favorite coffee pairing at BOB –Raisin Bread at P170 is huge and filling. I thought I wasn’t that hungry but I think I ate half of that big loaf. Hehehe.


While husband and I chose to savor bottomless cups of freshly brewed coffee, my sister and the kids had espresso with shots of milk froth thus a caramel cappuccino & white mocha with cute coffee art. Coffee art is love; it makes every cup delicious-looking and too beautiful to drink.


You know the kids can’t live with a cup of coffee alone especially our little big “Miss” who loves anything pricey and fancy. She got an order of Chocolate Chips pancake to share with P. It was a stack of three choco-pancakes with choco chips atop and butter. I don’t know with you but my pancake standard is always that of McDonald’s –soft, not too thick not too thin, with a slightly chewy texture. BOB’s pancakes are too airy and dry for me nonetheless the kids love it anyway.


*Samantha Angela Marie

My sister got an order on their famed Shepherd’s Pie (which I forgot to take a photo), there’s no doubt that I love it only that at times its cut tends to be tad too small for its price.


And for the first time we sampled their most raved about Blueberry Cheesecake, not cheap again if you’d ask me because it was rather expensive than Starbucks’ and the latter is far more rich and goodness. Let’s pretend I’ve got no idea who supplies cheesecakes at Starbucks, I’d still pick it because I love my cheesecake baked. 🙂 This slice was a disappointment especially that the supposed sour cream topping came even thicker. At least we’ve tasted it by now. Sometimes you really need to take the risks so you’ll know which is better and never go for the pits again, life lessons you know.


We had a good day out minus our cutie patootie who was still recuperating from that darn chicken fox. The kids were recharged so do I.


*Btw, I so love this chandelier and it deserve to be on this post. 😀

Sundays are the best days, Sunday and me we’re good together. ♥



Bag of Beans
115 Aguinaldo Highway Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City
T. +63 922 8818265 (Dining & Reservations, 6:30am-1opm)