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B’s birthday day out

bea's 7th_2

We haven’t yet really celebrated my big B’s 7th birthday tho during our visit 3 weeks ago we gave her a day out bonus. It’s the usual fare with the kids minus the whole fambam because I want it to be minimal, and I want B to have all the attention this time. Before we drove to Yellow Cab I told husband to drop me off first at Savemore supermarket so I can buy B a simple birthday cake. No birthday is complete without a birthday cake, right? So when I spotted a caramel flavored one at Iko’s which B could also eat (chocolates are no-no for dogs) I paid for it right away. I thought it’s nicely done considering its cheap.

bea's 7th_4

At Yellow Cab we picked the outdoor sitting so B can sit freely tho it had its disadvantages because B gets distracted from people passing by. We could have dined at the semi-outdoor area but the climate was quite humid that afternoon, not so good for our birthday girl. And like the usual, the kids ordered to their heart’s content, we had pizza and pasta, and quesadillas from the neighboring Army Navy. We skipped ice cream despite their pleading, I told them that we’ll grab one at the supermarket later that day –the salted caramel  flavored one.

bea's 7th_3

bea's 7th_8

My B of course enjoyed her Classic Burger from Army Navy, she ate only half of it and took home the other half for Boi. Yes, we’ve thought her well the value of sharing. Dadi forked her some bites of pizza as well. While B radiates a happy aura that day she was feeling sick inside and we had to give her antibiotics soon as we got home. And for the past three years, it may just be coincidence or just my being paranoid at times, B gets sick and gloomy whenever the birthday month is nearing and Momi isn’t happy about it any more. 😦

bea's 7th_6

We dropped by at Summit Ridge so B can make the most of this day out, on her normal grind she loved to wander around the open space other than this time she really felt weak and tired and preferred to lie down on his Dadi’s lap while they watched the performers that night. She even ignored our ice cream fight and doesn’t even asked a single scoop. My Poor baby! We decided to drive home before 9pm so she can fully rest.

bea's 7th_7

Back at home, the kids were excited of her cake and they blew the candles on B’s behalf. B was already in deep sleep this time and we don’t want to interrupt her dreaming as she made quivers and leg twitches. I wonder what her dream was. Well, I hope it’s not a fight with a dream burglar bunso. 🙂 And yes, we’re still celebrating her birthday this August. We’ll bring her soon at this dog café so she could sample a real restaurant meal cooked rightly for her. I hope we could bring Boi as well only that I fear he might broke everything around. Sigh!

bea's 7th_1

bea's 7th_5

Still, we wish you a happy birthday Bunso, i wish you more healthy years and fun days to wiggle about. ♥


paolo’s 7th


Our P maybe naughty-looking & rowdy but within him is a sweet little boy who loves McQueen, BumbleBee, and Iron Man, his latest favorite hence the theme of his 7th birthday. 🙂


On the second Sunday of March this year we marked P’s 7th, and like us (Che & SAM) who welcomed this culturally significant milestone with a simple yet meaningful party, the little boy had his courtesy of the grandparents. Days before his birthday I was talking to his mom about the requested invite, I was a bit complaining that maybe we could just change the theme to Cars or anything that is easy to find online but the little boy was expecting none other than this fictional superhero –Tony Stark.


I had to redo the invite and came out with something as plain as this. Hay!



The cake, of course should go with the theme, I remember that third party baker who made DJ’s cake during his first birthday. Unfortunately my sister wasn’t able to book it for reasons I can’t recall now. I suggested that she get a mini-Iron Man themed cake for candle blowing and order another big greetings cake from Goldilocks so guests can enjoy it. Except for the pink-shade (and “H” on my B’s name) of the bigger cake everything came in order.



If I have a gazillion, ok millions will do that time, I would have booked a friend who really does well in children parties these days. From our lousy telecom job he becomes the yoyo master, Google him! But the party clowns didn’t disappoint the kids, tho I found their line up a little lengthy especially the bring-me game. Some kids left even before the main event –the magic tricks & balloon twisting but nonetheless the birthday boy had a great, great time. 😛



And the maternals had an equally wonderful time, a thousand and more photo ops again, and a summer get away was sealed right there and then.


To our little big boy who loves nothing but hot coffee in Starbucks (if you have additional budget for ensaymada it will complete his happiness and all), may you let go of your mischievous ways, remember you are now Kuya to baby Ysa. Be a good student in school like Ate SAM tho we don’t ask you to be the perfect student, no pressures on that. Be that responsible and confident young man, God-fearing and loving to your parents, to Lolo & Lola, to Ninong & Ninang, to Bei & Boi including to your very own Tonyo. I can’t wait to see your grow and be a noble fireman of your time. 😀 And may you remember this 7th birthday as whimsical and wondrous as the past birthdays and may this mark the arrival of unlimited special days in your life.


Ninang loves you to bits, stay cool baby boy! ♥


And thank you to everyone who made our little boy’s Iron Man party a significant one! 🙂


gian paolo

It’s amazing how time seems to fly so fast, even before I knew it the cold breeze has gone, summer is here and someone is marking his birthday. Yehey!

pao's 7th_1

Our little big boy would turn 7 come this Sunday and I smell festivity and merry making, you know my family they won’t let this occasion go by just like that. 😀

And Ninang is coming home to greet the birthday boy!  ♥