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happy birthday dadi ♥

I know, I know I got tons of backlogs and its piling up other than today is yet another special day I couldn’t miss, so I’m writing shortly for the love of my life.

I couldn’t stop the time from ticking, us from getting old each year, but as we do may we value more the importance of health, love and family. May we grow in faith each day, may we learn to value even the little things around and count our blessings happily.

Dear husband, I wish you’d stay the same person, even annoying and bully boy at times. I wish you’d stay thoughtful and caring and loving, even if you’re not showy at all. May this year bring you more patience, more peace and more money (so, Momi can shop-all-you-can). Seriously, I wish you good luck in whatever endeavor you’d consider, I’ll be forever supportive because that’s what wives are made for.

dadi at 45

Happy Happy Birthday ‘Ney! ♥


Your growing family,

Momi, Bea, Lucky Boi & Astro Boi



P.S. Treat me to a decent dinner later, oki 🙂