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Happy Four!

What made my four year?

I fell over, I baffled, I wandered, I procrastinated, I failed, I stumbled, I hated, I cried yet I arise and continue to choose love over hatred and resentment, I continue to be happy despite of all the miserable events, I stay with the one I love and I remain true to life no matter how challenging my everyday is.

The past four years wasn’t a trouble-free journey, I may have few regrets about this and that, things I should have done or done better but I have learned how to live and embrace every downfall no matter how throbbing things can be. I’m thankful for every single morning that I wake up and take breathes, I have so much to be grateful that none of those miserable times can put me down. I may not have everything now but that won’t stop me from enjoying life.

2013 wasn’t a grandiose year to account, I travel less because we need to set aside for a special project that didn’t really progress right, I was busy at work trying to figure out how to make it big, I was occupied with family issues left and right, I was emotionally unsteady for reasons I don’t know, well, maybe that was a part of being 40 and old, a minion to my own kinfolk and a dud to my own league. 😀 Yes, the ways to win my own battle is laugh, and give a real nice shot, dream big and love much!

My four lovely years of blogging and travels, and sundates, and shopping remains thee I love, oh these earthly things how can I resist? I pray for another sunny year of breakfast dates, and family times, and mommy-times to my two B’s.


Happy Birthday Blog, more to us! Let’s celebrate this summery month! ♥



 Happy One!Happy Two!Happy Three!


back to running?

Two weeks ago I went back to running but because it’s been a year since I stopped, a single lap is killing me now. I feel I get heavier too + the need of a new running shoe is a must.

My 2 year old Gola is retiring soon and previously put in auction my pair of Nike. Honey, I want a Lunar Elite but I know this isn’t a priority right now. Sigh!

Anyhow, it’s Saturday tomorrow and I wish to test my stamina yet again.


Doggie Run 2011

We have been preparing for this event for a month now and Bea and Dadi had take Sunday morning to work out. We were even one of the first registrants and last Saturday the race kit was handed to us. Bea was raring to go, Dadi was even more, geared up and all that and Momi look forward on documenting this occasion.

Last Monday we decided to withdraw. Bea would no longer be running the 3km run course at SM MOA on 26-Mar and that she cannot even attend the fun fur-stival happening. I feel sad for Bea but Dadi and Momi thinks this would be best for her. Okay, our baby is not sick 🙂 . She’s too healthy in fact and that for the next 15 days she should stay indoors. Bea is presently in heat folks! That’s the very reason why we could not consent her to join this furry event.

There would still be next year and I hope Bea would be beefy by then! 🙂


The Doggie Run Features
March 26, 2011 @ 5:30AM
SM Mall of Asia

Registration Fee:
• P350
• P300* (no dog bandana/dog race bib)
*Limited to 2 non-dog race kits per regular race kit (non-dog race kits cannot be purchased on its own)

Pet Express Doggie Run 2011 features:
• 1.5K/3K/5K Run
• Fun Run Fur-stival Game Booths
• Souvenir Photo Booth

Pet Express Doggie Run 2011 Race Kit (P350) includes:
• Event Dri-fit Running Shirt
• Event Dog Bandana
• Race Bib (for master)
• Race Bib (for dog)
• Paw-ket Dog Running Manual
• Pet Express Doggie Dollar
• Insurance Coverage
• Donation to SAWS (The Strike Animal Welfare Society)

For Registered Doggie Finishers:
• Finisher’s Doggie Loot Bag (first 500 dogs only)

Dog Runner Prizes:
• 1.5K- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place (only toy/small dogs are eligible to win in this category)
• 3K- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place (all breeds/sizes)
• 5K- 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place (all breeds/sizes)
1st Prize- Gold Digger Medal + Doggie Loot Bag
2nd Prize- Silver Sniffer Medal + Doggie Loot Bag
3rd Prize- Bronze Barker Medal + Doggie Loot Bag

1. Register at any Pet Express branch. (SM Cubao 912-5924, SM Hypermarket Makati 843-7174, SM Mall of Asia 836-8955)
2. Fill out the registration.
3. Choose your shirt size.
4. Upon payment, Pet Express will be giving you an acknowledgement receipt for claiming of race kits.
5. Race kits will be available for claiming in Pet Express stores by March 19, 2011 onwards.

1. All participating dogs must be properly vaccinated.
2. Bitches must not be in heat.
3. Please keep your dogs in a leash.
4. Please provide a muzzle for unfriendly dogs.
5. Please be considerate and pick up after your dog’s waste.
6. Never leave your dog unattended. Pet Express will not be liable for dogs that are lost
or missing during the event.
7. The organizers reserve the right to reject the participation of a dog that might cause disruption or disturbance in the event (i.e. dogs with aggressive behavior, bitches inheat, etc.)

my January turns TWO!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY January is my month! It was a very tough year, I’m glad we made it!  Cheers to us! 🙂

uncovering TBR

During last night’s lazing at Starbucks Theater Mall with husband, I chance reading this mini magazine. The magazine’s label “The Bull Runner”.

From the sound of it, I thought of it as a men’s magazine because of the masculinity however, what made me scanned the pages was Karylle on the front cover. Okay, I am not a big fan of K but I gave in on my wondering.

Clearly, it was a running magazine from top cover to bottom. And I enjoyed reading the colorful leaf packed with information on training, nutrition, gear and calendar of running activities in and out of the metropolis.

TBR mag occupied my Starbucks moment particularly the writings about the “The 7 Deadly Sins of First Time Marathoners”.

I even copied it on my venzi mini notebook. It got me really specially No. 5. I remember buying a complete set of new outfit when I finally decided to join my husband on his Sunday running activity. And I end up getting irritated on my new shorts. That realization made me smile last night. 🙂

If you mind to ask, I have my own share of running event, which debuted last year at the 33rd Milo Marathon with my husband and with our canine housemate. I had fun and at the same time felt that I needed that activity to break my routine. At my mid 30’s age, I need to stay healthy and running is the only work out I know I can do better if not do extremely well. The entire summer, I ran with my sister at Boni High Street at least an hour after work. And currently looking forward on the 34th Milo Marathon happening on July 4.

photo borrowed from

Definitely, I would look great on that pair of Nike Lunar Elite. Whatchathink folks?

PS. I love to be part of this Donate-A-Shoe (DASH) project.

I will ask for old running shoes from family and friends.

Oh and I was so happy I got a downloadable copy of TBR mag from The Bull Runner blog. You see, I almost slip that Starbucks copy on my bag last night…hehehe

TBR you will be part of my daily read from now on. Thank you for the announcements and Free downloads. Carry on the good spirit!