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When it rains, it pours…after winning dining privileges at the Negros Trade Fair two weeks ago, I won once again at SM Megamall’s #MegaFoodStagram.

food gcs

Well, aside from the food GCs there will be a feature on Philippines Star (which I don’t know when pa). I just feel blessed and thankful for these despite the many disappointments and hard feelings I’m having lately. 😀


paper treats

paper treats

Let me take this chance to say thank you to Ms. Jane Go of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice. If you haven’t checked her blog, look for it on my right side bar under daily reads. She’s one of the generous person and of course blogger in the blogosphere. I may add she’s so funny too, her post always have that funny side. 😀 And together with her loving and beautiful family –Kapitan K, Jana, Jonah, Jena and Jela, she would bring you to her happy world.

Thanks Jane for the Paper Treats! 😛


Romantic Mystery Dinner by The Prefettos


It’s a known fact to readers of this blog (hello, do you exist folks? 😀 ) that I’m such a promo addict, I do because it’s the practical way of getting things I cannot afford and things I can afford but am so guilty to have. While the opportunities online remains to be all over the probability becomes smaller as these promos had tied up all over facebook and twitter, just imagine the clamor it creates everytime a new promo is there. I personally slow down joining these promos because of its probability; I think it’s just a waste of my time, no criteria into it –meaning everyone can be a winner by fate. But every now and then I get hooked to testing my fate, if I really have the luck you call it. Last Wednesday’s revelation was something I never expected, it’s one of the many I’ve joined I can’t even remember right away. 🙂


My Perfect Recipes’ online promotion over facebook was simple, in fact very straightforward –Like, Share and Tag, as simple as ABC. Something that wouldn’t eat much of my time online, so I quickly joined. I never mind at all that the supposed prize would require my availability on a week day too, I was taken with the “catch” –winners would take home P2000 worth of cheese. I was smitten right away. 😛 Fast forward this week, I have no idea that the announcement of winners would happen anytime. I don’t do much facebook on a weekday especially at work (I’m law-abiding and facebook is not allowed at work 😀 ) but because of this unexpected power interruption last Wednesday our network was shut down. Fortunately my new PowerBro kept me connected and I had the luxury of getting online and facebook-ing while everyone kept their mouth busy chitchatting. I checked most of the promos I joined and My Perfect Recipes is one, they didn’t announce the winners but told that they sent private message to those who won. I checked mine, there was none, I thought I lost once more until I’m through checking my other inbox (I hope you’re aware you have this folks, facebook won’t notify you so be sure you check it once in a while).


And the cheery part –I won! Read Here. Yep, this is my first winning for 2013 and I couldn’t contain my happiness because something really special awaits us (us, because the husband will be part of this happening). After giving my details and so things required from my side I was contacted by Chiqui, she told me all the details of my winning and I need to make myself available for dinner on February 21. Without considering anything, even the husband’s crazy schedule, I said Yes!


Again, fast forward to last Thursday’s meet-up with Chiqui at Promenade, glad that the husband came just in time whew!, met up another winning couple who came ahead of us and the son of another winner, Chiqui was not from the company but she handles the event side, she was pretty, warm and chatty so we click especially when she told that she has labs too. We left Promenade going to the venue, all aboard the van especially rented out for us (I’m guessing here). But hey its biggie because they ensure everything is convenient for us. The place was not so far, it’s a good 10-15 minutes drive from the Promenade, a small restaurant tucked away from the shopping center. I love it that way because it’s private and, and it’s private, you know you’ll feel extra-special with its setting.


Il Piccino Trattoria was the venue of the Mystery Dinner hosted by Perfect Italiano’s the Prefettos, it’s an old house transformed into a fine dining restaurant. The dining place itself was slightly smaller because it occupies the living space and porch alone. But with its uber romantic-feel you’ll be in wonderment, this place is perfect for first dates –boy trying to impress girl giving his best shot or boy making the wedding proposal, the place is either lovely for husband’s little surprise to her uncomplaining wife 😀 . And for me it’s the perfect venue to get-together with my small number of friends (true and lasting friends, you know who 🙂 ).


Let me go detailed here of our experience with the Prefettos and Il Piccino. Soon as we stepped inside that tall, white gate with No. 162 outside, excitement runs in my blood, we were welcome by a gentleman in his chef’s outfit and led us to the second floor; the lighted candles on the pavement added so many thrills for everyone. I wish I have photos to show you but knowing me, I have that bad habit of forgetting this and that when overjoyed. Hehehe 🙂


At the porch, reps of the Prefettos welcomed us. I wish I can remember each of them now. We were led to our designated seats, see the name plates with our names in it, it was very personalized. Husband and wives seats were crossways all of us five wining couple. We sat together with people sent by the Prefettos and from the events side, Chiqui’s party. The table set-up was formal yet remained unintimidating. While waiting for other couples to arrive I had a rundown of the place (sorry for the lack of photos here), I will only speak based on my recall –the capiz windows are always a charm, old fixtures and furniture are nostalgic, wooden floorings remains to be exclusive, I miss the one I grew up with. Our old house can be converted like this one too only that maintenance would be challenging I think. For now, let me feel back someone’s home and savor every detail of the fulsome event.


A peep at the open kitchen…


The emcee of the night, the pretty girl in red, light up the night to make it extra lively, she stunningly breaks the ice, tell us the story behind the Prefettos –Chef Primo, Chef Amadore, Chef Ilario, Primo and Chef Graziano (the virtual chefs), what to expect and what to look forward as we step forward (which sends to everyone’s anticipation) and last but not the least introduces Chef Natalia Moran. The young Chef went to Florence Italy to flourish her culinary expertise and went back home to share her mouth-watering dishes that is exceptionally Il Piccino Trattoria. Though everyone had its own access to the menu, Chef Natalia briefly explained bits of it enough to send everyone salivating to try it.


Chef Natalia Moran welcoming everyone…


I’ll leave you drooling here; expect a very cheesy night!


Starter –Homemade foccacia with balsamico, cheese (shaved Romano and Parmesan) and olive oil. I didn’t get to taste the balsamico (balsamic vinegar) but the cheese was more than enough.


1st Course –Sautéed mushrooms on polenta bruschetta with melted 3 cheese (Pizza Plus). I was hesitant to finish both because we have 4 more courses to go but how can I resists such when it’s cheesy as this.

The Prefettos’ team may have sense our heavy feel after getting a dose of carbo from our starter and the 1st course so without further ado, we were all requested to stand and proceed at the living space where the first challenge was revealed. Its boys versus girls so bring it on!


With the use of spaghetti pasta, string, masking tape, scissors and marshmallow we need to build a tower and the highest tower wins. It was a 7-minute game and a pleasurable one. Guess who won? Let’s just say that we (the girls) do better than the boys on most things. Hehehe… back to our dinner table. 🙂


2nd Course –Spinach ravioli with tomato sauce and Romano cheese.


I had to admit that it was my first time to try ravioli and I have to see fresh ravioli yet. Chef’s Natalia’s style was bursting with flavors and I love it to bits –gooey cheese inside, its love! The serving was generous and almost made me full. Burp!


3rd Course –Baked fish fillet thermidor and sautéed florets of broccoli. She uses Lapu-Lapu meat for this very hearty dish and knowing my struggle to eat healthier, this is a super win!


Just peeking at the 4th course I could almost feel my tummy full but Chef Natalia pretty knows how to wash our taste buds aka “cleanse our palate” thing and gave us a citrus sherbet.


Intermezzo –Kafir Lime granite. The single scoop works and readied us to thoroughly experience and enjoy the next course.


4th Course –US terderloin steak with potato gratin and pako side salad. I wanted to pass up with the red meat but it was so tempting. How can you say no to something as good as this cut of meat, it was tender and tasty and juicy –everything a medium rare steak should be. 😛


See that hint of red in the middle, its perfect!


5th Course –Baguio strawberry panna cota with chocolate ganache and parmesan crisp. This Italian classic was another love! 😛


It may not be as luxurious as to hotel dining’s I’ve gone before but what we had at Il Piccino was an enjoyable feast. I couldn’t thank enough Perfect Italiano for allowing us to be part of this Romantic Mystery Dinner and since we haven’t yet celebrated V-Day, we’re counting this as our post V-date (‘ney, great savings here ha so you really need to get me something 😀 ).


Wait, it’s not over yet. After that hefty wonderful dinner we were given another challenge and again its boys versus the girls. It’s a Q & A kind and questions were mostly related to the kitchen, the boys almost won so in short we still came out as the big winners! And winners get prize!


We also got to take home Perfect Italiano cheeses –a stack of mozzarella and parmesan! Again, thank you to everyone who made this event a truly remembered one. 🙂

And thank you for this,


And this,



P.S. Sorry if I miss some details of the event here…


P.P.S. I was seated beside Ms. Corrine Emata (the mommy behind the SinglemMomSuperMom blog), his son Jeremy (who’s blogging at High Gear Full Throttle) and Ms. Berylle Kaye Hong of itsberyllicious was one of the winners too. Wala lang, I just feel a media magnet sitting with three powerful bloggers in town. 🙂



Il Piccino Trattoria
162 Alfonso XIII St., San Juan City
T. (632) 9648034 / 0917 8291900
Strictly for reservations only

cheese love

wine depot

…will save some for this cheese sale! 😛


ToT’s Goodie Giveaway: Junk the Gunk with Juju Cleanse Solos

After the festive Christmas month that literally extends until January for me I need to Juju Cleanse seriously. 🙂

photo from ToT

photo from ToT

To know more of ToT’s Goodie Giveaway, check this out  –


happy wednesday thoughts

Half finishing my follow up post after the “another Sundate” I was held up by TOO MUCH work, I felt like compressing one whole work-week to two days. Kumusta naman di ba? I have nothing to blame except Mrs. F who went on an extended vacay, which I should not consent. Hehehe… 

It’s the mid-week already and it’s less than 50 days before my favorite Holiday and I’m so happy to receive surprises as days to Christmas Day get closer.

Anyhow, together with this post I’d like to thank Kay of Life is Kulayful for this winning! I’m meeting her on Saturday to claim my Stella GCs and I’m just as excited to meet the face behind the inspiring blog. 🙂