The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

mjane+mark, happily ever after








Dearest Maja & Mark,

The time Maja told me that I’ll be Ninang to your wedding I felt nothing but respect; I felt Maja had seen me as someone she can run to, someone she can turn to and someone who could play the role of a second mother. It was more than flattering indeed.

I didn’t really witnessed the beginning of your love story, how it bloomed thru time and space other than the happiness I’ve seen from Maja was more than enough for me to believe that love, true love still exist in this modern age. The time I’ve met Mark, I felt no doubt about him, not just because you two will make a beautiful couple nor the persistence of a brand new boyfriend more so I’ve seen in him sincerity and commitment, above all LOVE. And he proved it right until this very day.

Today as you pledge your love and commitment, I pray for a wondrous joyous married life. Make beautiful babies and cherish them. And may you find the company of each other as soothing as the assuring rays of your first sun as husband and wife. Have a blissfully happy married life.


P.S. I hope this little ₱₱₱ will help you in a way start up your happy ever after. Remember that I will revel in your every success and lament your disappointments. I know the positive spirit that drives you both, you’ll make it to forever! ♥



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