The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

general’s lechon


A month prior to the Christmas month I went on a sandwich diet to give way and get ready for the season’s big eats especially that parties and reunions were set to happen one after the other. I feared to gain weight and worst won’t fit in to my office clothes once my looong vacay is over. So I needed to enforce strict discipline and skipped rice and meat in most days. But during the first day of my looong vacay, I treated myself a little –a quick stop-over at Petron in Dasmarinas Village made my day. ♥


Long before the opening of General’s Lechon at this side of my city, we’ve been ordering whole lechon from Paranaque outlet and normally pick up the pig from Bryan and Lynn’s humble abode in Sun Valley. We do that for two consecutive years during Tatay and Nanay’s 60th birthdays. I was planning to get one also for my birthday last month but the birthday party I long planned didn’t push through and I was saddened and brokenhearted until this day. Hahaha. That’s me eh.


Anyhow, it was an early lunch for us and because we have errands following that afternoon might as well stuffed ourselves a bit. General’s Lechon offers starters, mains, rice meals, desserts and take outs, generally this is your chance to savor their lechon without ordering the whole pig because they retail in kilos here.


I had a 200g order of their Boneless Paksiw, it was served with rice and soda for P250 only, and I couldn’t agree more, it was tasty!  As a side note, I wish it’s a little sweeter because I’m accustomed to that taste.


While the husband got himself a 120g of General’s Lechon with rice and soda for P275, I was drooling on his plate and had some of that crispy skin. It was heaven at first bite and I want his plate now more than mine. 😀


We had the store by ourselves while enjoying our lechon fares, it was equally laid-back which I love. I know it’s not a good business sign when the store is empty but what the heck I love that atmosphere, hehehe, probably it’s not yet meal time the reason why besides I’m pretty sure there were whole lechon pick-ups earlier that day.

Now, who cares about getting that extra pound?



General’s Lechon
2nd floor Petron Dasmarinas Village,
Edsa corner Arnaiz,  Makati City (Pasay Road)


T. +632 4086850 / +632 9665099/ +63917 8lechon (8532466)

3 responses to “general’s lechon

  1. Sweepy February 6, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    Woof, this senior dog can sure have a bite of that yummy pork!

  2. Lui February 6, 2014 at 6:22 pm

    no, we don’t eat red meat. sweepy is a dud 😉

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