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a very merry Christmas|2013


I don’t remember a time I dislike Christmas (just skip the year 2003 😦 ), I love Christmas and every year I look forward celebrating it with my family back in Cavite. It’s the time of the year to be joyous and thankful and generous, well in my case I overspend too much this season but I’m not counting anymore. And tho we faced too many challenges this year nothing is stopping us from welcoming this merry occasion.



Since my sister’s family is back home at our old house the spirit of Christmas is very much felt because the kids were very excited to open gifts on Christmas Eve other than we extended their anticipation a little bit and asked them to sleep early. We told them that Santa won’t come around if they would stay awake late. So before midnight my sister and I wrapped their Christmas presents, I could almost imagine the sparkle on my big B’s eyes soon as she sees her giant box. She’d love me a million more times. 😀




So on Christmas morning, the kids were all gorgeously dressed and spirited as each of them opened their Christmas boxes, they received at least 2 boxes each. Merry Christmas kiddos, Ninang is so broke with all your gifts! Hahaha.


The highlight of our Christmas Day is always the Christmas morning –priceless giggles and wows from the kids!


I made sure everyone had a box to open including the regular kids at home (my second cousin’s) and my godchildren and helpers and everyone whom I wanted to extend my thankfulness. It’s the season of giving after all.




Happy that some of my maternal cousins dropped by to greet, and eat our simple Christmas spread.


And this time, our Christmas tradition took place once again. Another yearly thing on Christmas night –the whole gang joined the multitude in Tagaytay. We took whatever chance we have as we trooped the traffic highway and full house Promenade, all for the love of a Christmas drink. 😛 For high-spirited creatures like us nothing will disappoint even that would mean lining up for an hour or even if we’ve run out of a favorite drink or even if waiting to be seated gets too throbbing.


And when we conquered everyone around, it’s purely happiness sitting side by side with my favorite people in the world. Tho Joel, Jenna & the kids didn’t make it we had a fun night with the Eyaya teens that came so uniform with their Christmas outfits.


Adoy, Dodong and Buknoy claim the future of Eyaya clan. 🙂


We’d love to stay late but because I have work the following day and the teens seemed to have another engagement to attend we called it by 10pm. I had a merry Christmas notwithstanding the loss of a family member on Christmas time and Nanay’s illness and all. I look forward celebrating another Christmas Day with all these wonderful people around.


Hooray to us! 😀


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