The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

that yearly thing –staff party!


One of the Christmas gatherings I always look forward every year is the one with my team and former staffs and some close friends from the software unit. It’s one of the best occasions they all look forward too because it’s no-fuss, just super cool party by our own, meaning no super boss or big boss around so we can talk of them freely. Hahaha. Just kiddin’, the party is nothing but over a shared meal of fresh seafood’s at Dampa in Home Depot. It’s a yearly thing and we’ve been doing this for the past four years now. And despite the physical separation of some from the company they still give time to this event and I appreciate that really.

We plot the date on Dec 23 initially but some have prior commitments already so we moved it a bit earlier, on the 20th to be exact with one absentee only. Lisa M was already scheduled to go home in Baguio for Christmas so she herself declined attendance right away. The whole gang missed her presence this year.


Few days before the “staff party” I asked Josh to check rates at Justine’s Paluto where we held last year’s, I remembered also that they have VIP rooms which would be perfect for our group. The rate per person is at P499 (if I remember it correctly) inclusive already of unlimited seafood and three hours use of videoke.  It’s a steal! Plus we no longer need to buy our stuffs at the wet market but we lost the slot because we phoned in reservation too late. Sigh! I wonder why they have to wait for me to give the go signal when in fact they can initiate this thing, one of the things I loathed –the lack of initiative. 😦 So with or without a reserved seat the Christmas party happened anyway with big smiles, with high-pitched speeches and talks, with never-ending laughter, with precious tokens (sorry Jennie for my effortless gift), with simple but wholeheartedly donated items which were raffled. Christmas isn’t about tag price and brands. Christmas isn’t about counting. Christmas is giving. Christmas is love. And I love these people dearly.


The juniors (L-R): Mjane, Josh, Geneve, Belinda, Janet, Kathleen, Jennie and Rojane


The seniors (L-R): Moi, Catalina, Jingky and Rojane again (excuse Rojane’s confused age that’s why she joined both groups, hehehe)



The spread we heartily shared. ♥


Our yearly “staff party” is all about fun and get-together with no expectation at all. I’d like to pass on the good wishes to everyone –it’s been another year of friendship, more to us! 🙂


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