The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

ei’s send-off


On the second Friday of December we bid goodbye to a colleague at the work place, it was a send-off I organized in behalf of the boss.


Ei was one of my original teammate during PMG’s time, when M still stands for “Management”. Tho I was ahead of her by two years or so in the company we became friends eventually other than we didn’t started it right because she was so “bratinella”. A recall of our early beginnings, there was a time she approached me and invited me to share a cab with her, of course I declined and sarcastically told her I’m riding the bus in Edsa so she’d stop bugging me about going home together. I secretly hated her. Hahaha. But we became friends in the long run and we started going home together when we’re still both Makati residents. She used to drive an old Mitsubishi Lancer that time.


Ei was smart and pretty even from way back with wavy hair, thick glasses and braces but time made wonders and magic and transformed her into a stunning angel. Naks! O ayan for the first time I’ll call you an angel. 😀 Probably not really an angel because she can be at her meanest –a little que horror with her egotism, that’s why we had fights. Small fights and big fights that lasted for more than a year. But honestly my life at work was quite and trouble-free when we’re still having that big fight. Hehehe.



Ei, tho it’s quite too late already when we became closer I value the trust you gave me. Like you, I hardly ever trust anyone because there are too many fake people around trying to make friends with. There are too many who just wanted to fish out infos and gossips, I wonder what they get from doing that. Ei, I admire your guts for doing the right thing, not many will understand but always remember that at the end of the day you and your decision would still count. I know you’ll make it bigger outside Limketkai. I believe in you. I look forward bumping with you around. Btw, I hope the simple lunch surprised you really. 🙂


Some people come and some people go, it’s a repeated cycle if you must know other than I feel sad everytime an old employee will go. It’s not that Management isn’t supportive but there are too many issues going around which I really find annoying and insignificant for an organization like us. Ei maybe just one of the top talents the reason why she was let go but I hope it’s never too late for the company to realize that top talents isn’t just driven by money and power, but by the opportunity to be part of something big, and for which they are really passionate.


I guess at the end of it all, top talents doesn’t want being “jerked around”.


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