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a small deed for a big cause

For the very first time in 35 years the company I worked for decided to cancel the company-wide Christmas party to empathize with Haiyan victims, it’s one of the best move the company had ever made because it’s sensible and I feel proud forgoing something despite its being traditional with the intention that many will benefit from this. In lieu of the grand Christmas party each department was given a nominal budget to make merry the simplest way. The boss requested me to make the arrangements for the entire Product Marketing Team, she especially mentioned a simple dinner, so, without asking anyone or even getting the group’s consensus I decided that the party would be as follows: Christmas Dinner to be held at the office Penthouse on December 6, 2013 at 6pm. Period. No buts, no ifs. I emailed everyone a save the date invite a week before the event and I assume easily that nobody was opposing because nobody dared to email me back or even ask questions about it. Probably they sensed anyway that I’m a Hitler-wannabe. Hahaha. Oh no, I’m not, it’s just that because we were a big group I thought it would be too hard, probably a big headache if I’ll ask everyone for suggestion and even if we agreed to a common ground I was thinking that reservation would be another pain in the ass by then. It was so close to December already when the company announced these changes so it’s no good that we join the multitude partying father than the office.


But lo and behold, I made sure that everyone had a wonderful dinner that night. I made sure everyone will burp in flavors. It wasn’t really a simple dinner, I disobeyed the boss, because I ordered food more than what we can actually consume. Honestly, I don’t want anyone to feel any deprivation at all other than I wish to bring them the hotel dining experience with all the good food I personally picked from 8 Spoons. Anong sinabi ng buffet sa mga pipitchuging hotels?? The food overflows and appetizing even from the looks of it.


The Christmas Dinner Menu


Chicken Caesar Salad P950


Spicy Buffalo and Barbeque Wings P1100


Spinach Lasagna P950 (I got two trays of this healthy pasta)


Baked Salmon with Cream Cheese P1500 (two trays of this succulent dish)


Baked Ribs in Barbeque Sauce P1100 (another two trays of this fall-of-the-bone ribs)

Herb Rice Pilaf P450 (i missed to take a photo of it 😦 )


Fresh Fruit Crepe Roll with Nutella Glaze & Chopped Pistachios P580 (and two trays of this delectable dessert)

We finished just half of the food but it didn’t go to waste because we raffled it soon as dinner is over. It’s all fun like the old days, read PMG Salo Salo, we used to do this in the past. And everyone got a Christmas themed Toblerone as token this year. During last year’s, I was able to buy them Pringles and Raisinets and we have some GCs and wrist watches to raffle. In fact I won one if you remember. 🙂 This year was a lot different because we have to scrimp those optional. On the contrary, one of our VP dropped by and generously gave me a thousand bucks to raffle, I regret not informing him earlier, he must have set aside more than that for us or even prepared red packets. But even with the very little amount everyone was thankful of his gesture, kudos to WYC for the cash!


The simple party ended past 8pm and everyone went home happily with their stash of spinach, baked ribs, salmon, salad and crepe. It may not be extravagant like the others but all ends well, I suppose, and everyone was buttering up the delicious spread, even the boss. 🙂 For this, the boss should give me another high five on my performance appraisal, I should be able to surpass 2012 and get entitled for fat bonuses yet again. I’m obedient you know. Hehehe…

Just so you know the company donated P400,000.00 to Haiyan victims, it’s nothing compared to donations from multinational companies as quoted by our company president during his Christmas message but what matters is that we are able to lend a hand —this is reason enough to be happy and content this season. 😛



2 responses to “a small deed for a big cause

  1. Sweepy January 7, 2014 at 9:50 am

    Woof, Keeper has yet to have their studio party. But she had too many parties to even remember! As for me I hid under Luchie’s bed!

    • january January 7, 2014 at 2:17 pm

      sweepy, i’m doing a rundown of the gatherings i attended too over the holidays and yet i have more parties coming in next week. oh my!

      send my regards to keeper, tell her to slow down 🙂

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