The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

i wish i was excited for Christmas…

While everyone anticipates the forthcoming Christmas Day my family and I cannot totally rejoice because we’re technically in the state of mourning though I’m very sure Uncle would have wanted to see us all happy. It’s been 7 days already since he passed away and I got to see his wake twice this weekend, I feel he’s at peace now, with no more pain and misery and I know we’ll be able to overcome this another family loss in due time. Other than his funeral on Wednesday would almost certainly bring a big hole in our hearts, he will be missed. Sigh!




Fortunately even before Uncle’s passing away I sort of advance all my Christmas shopping, I made sure to save a portion of my very little earnings this year for family and friends. Though I earlier planned to save at least 75% of the bonuses I received I have no regrets that the big part was expend to donation and family aid, at least it went to something of significance this year. Anyhow, I had my second shopping weekend at the World Bazaar in WTC. Like last year, I had good finds at the bazaar which didn’t cost a leg and an arm. Phew!


Just a few tips for those who are planning to visit:


1. Make your visit during the weekday, preferably in the morning when people are lesser to avoid long lines and the massive crowd.


2. Wear something comfortable and light –tee, short, leggings and flipflops


3. If you’re shopping too many bring your own eco bag because the free bag isn’t a sturdy one for heavy stuffs


4. Eat a heavy breakfast before you go to maximize your shopping time


5. Get ready with your gift list so you won’t overspend on something you won’t need soon. These were only few of the things you have to remember, there are actually a hundred more things you need to take note including safety of your cash. Remember that pickpockets can be everywhere and nobody is spared.


The World Bazaar is open until Dec 22 so plan your visit right away.


And even before my money turned into nothing, I gifted myself (a bit). It’s something I’ve been wanting for the longest time; something that I know would be of future use to my future café. Hahaha. I got the gas range at 60% off, who could resist such tempting offer? At least this time I got my money’s worth. So, you think I’d better start a baking lesson soon? I’m excited to use it na. 🙂


Btw, meet my new Crocband II.5 flats in Navy. It debuted during the World Bazaar and it didn’t disappoint, I didn’t get any blister on my first use. I’m assuming this flat would be more visible on weekends, laid-back weekends I suppose.


P.S. We’re south bound again tonight to attend Uncle’s last wake and funeral tomorrow afternoon, I know this would be another of those teary moment, another of those heartbreaking scene. Uncle, we will be strong just the way you want us to be and we will be high-spirited once more as we think of all the good times we shared. Uncle, soon as you have your life’s flashback don’t be bothered about the foot prints. Remember that if ever you’d find only one set, it was then the Lord carried you, in fact many times especially at your very lowest and saddest times. Last Sunday night I noticed that you have a copy of the  beautiful poem (Footprints In The Sand) hung outside the main house, probably this has inspired you many times.


P.P.S. Because I have tons of work this season including those impending gatherings this week and over the weekend I might as well compress my posts in one –that is to save time and energy and so as not to forget those little details of everyday. I am still on my sandwich diet (diet daw o!) because the weekends are so getting and getting wicked with all the sweet treats and fats and carbo overload. 🙂



3 responses to “i wish i was excited for Christmas…

  1. Sweepy December 22, 2013 at 1:59 pm

    Woof, Elna, we lost Babur . . .

  2. madjewel December 26, 2013 at 10:44 am

    omg the gas range is such a steal! i want one too

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