The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.19

On the first day of the Christmas month the whole fambam went to a “little” shopping splurge with yours truly, it’s my yearly treat for the kids other than this year was different because the oldies went with us. It turned out to be a family day too although Tatay can’t help his being “kj”, we had to rush so he won’t throw tantrums like a little kid. Hehehe…

sundate no.19_1

sundate no.19_2

sundate no.19_3

sundate no.19_4

The Ayala Center was our default place to-go, well for sister and I, do I need to say more that our favorite shops are all here including the oldies preferred shopping mall na ang tagline ay “we got it all for you!”. In fairness I love Shoemart when I was growing up, there’s just this smell at the store which stays with you even after exiting. And I thought SM was the nicest shopping mall until I found Rustan’s fine-looking pieces of everything. And kids are fortunate these days because the options are becoming more and more unlike our time we normally get dressed in Cinderella pieces during Christmas and New Year’s Day. How time flies noh? Now that it’s my turn to give back I always mark Christmas as holiday shopping for my family…and friends alike. It’s the time of the year to set aside my own splurges so I can make some people happy. I am feeling generous so you know and it happens only once a year. 🙂

sundate no.19_5

Before we head home we stopped for a quick dinner at North Park along Macapagal Blvd., it’s another first for Tatay and gladly it didn’t disappoint. In fact he likes it there because they serve beers. Hahaha…

sundate no.19_6

We arrived home at around 10pm already, everyone was tired but smiling widely because they already received their early Christmas gift from me. And while everyone feels that way my baby B was unhappy because Momi and Dadi can’t just stay home, just wait for the Christmas rush to slow down Bunso, just hang on there.

sundate no.19_7

By the way, a day before the shopping binge I took them out for dinner at SM Dasmarinas.

sundate no.19_8

sundate no.19_9

sundate no.19_10

SAM as usual picked The French Baker because of the Hickory Spareribs and the sandwich person in me had my usual favorite here –German Sausage, just because I love their Potato Salad. ♥  And the rest had pasta and club sandwich and coffee to pair with.

sundate no.19_11

And since we’re there already we took the chance to pick up SAM’s Pancake House GCs she won during the Haunting Halloween contest. Yey!

sundate no.19_12

I love it that despite of what we’re going through right now, we have time to laugh it off and be normal as is. Like I always believe, it shall come to pass and we’ll all genuinely make merry once more. 🙂


4 responses to “sundate no.19

  1. docgelo December 9, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    everyone looks happy!

    and I have faith in this line too, “it shall come to pass and we’ll all genuinely make merry once more”

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