The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.18

Nov 24. The gloomy weather brought some unexpected rainfall that fateful afternoon. Leoncio and I were lounging at home when I received the unexpected call from my cousin W. I was in shock for a while but perceiving the urgency of the incident and that I needed to call home and the rest of the family I shook my head and regain my sanity right away. It’s one of that bad news you don’t want to hear either and you’d wish it’s not really happening. Uncle Mike had his second heart attack and he was being revived, many times, I was monitoring remotely the whole time and felt the grief of losing someone dear again. No, not this time, not yet, Uncle wanted to spend another Christmas and another New Year. He knows his days are numbered but not this quick. I burst into tears. I tried to quite down but I needed it out or else I might succumb to death. And yet another call from my cousin W changed everything else, after 13 doses of epinephrine Uncle went back to life. The magic drug saves him, praise God!


Probably because I was uneasy and fidgeting while waiting for a miracle to happen, I forgot that we didn’t have any for lunch, so, just when I thought everything was getting back to its normal phase Leoncio and I went out to grab something to nourish our human body. We first thought of that affordable Korean buffet we passed by few weeks ago but it’s not timely to eat heavy besides I felt my taste bud was weak after what happened that day. We drove to neighboring Rockwell to release the tension a bit. It was a good move because I smell Christmas right there and there and for awhile I felt like a kid once more.



The Power Plant Mall was all decked in orange this year, sparkling and Christmassy. I love. ♥  And people visiting the mall can’t help but fall in love with their giant Christmas tree. We chanced upon Santa Claus himself, I lined up to meet him close and personal and tell silently jolly old Saint Nicholas my only wish that moment.


The Santa experience maybe fancy that way but what the heck, I’ve been a believer of Santa and his sleigh and his reindeers and his gifts all through my child life and I want to keep hold of it.


We had late lunch at Mongkok later that day, in any ordinary day we could easily finish an order of fried noodles, rice toppings and dimsums but we felt cold, it didn’t help that the food was chirping hot when it was served. I felt full at once. So, after a few rounds at the new high-end supermarket –Market Place by Rustan’s, we drove home and call it a day. This day ain’t a fun day other than its still Sunday, though my love for this day suddenly fade a bit there would be more Sundays to look forward, to feel hopeful and to feel blessed.


P.S. I switched to sandwich meals for weeks now, just preppin’ for big eats this Christmas month. 😀


4 responses to “sundate no.18

  1. Sweepy December 6, 2013 at 1:24 am

    Woof, you made me remember my santa hat!
    I should look for it.

    Keeper said we will pray for UncleM 😉

    • january December 9, 2013 at 5:13 pm

      i wonder where i kept my babies santa hat too? hmmnnn, i’m so forgetful these days 😦

      sweepy, pls say thank you to keeper lui and to the pup babur for praying for my uncle. christmas is so around the corner, i’m wishin’ everyone in heaven a merry one!

  2. madjewel December 7, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    I haven’t got a photo op chance with santa yet! I am sorry to learn what you are going through this past few weeks, hope your wishes do come true..
    and me too, will prepare for big eats this month, will eat again more fruits and salad. 🙂

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