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Ysa turns ONE!


When my “beautiful niece” SAM (as she dearly claims) 😀 turned one I’m not into blogging yet and then when it’s my favorite nephew’s turns I was still microblogging in Multiply at that time but the site no longer exists so all the memoirs of those special occasions were no longer accounted, and Ysa is the luckiest of them all because this site remains active despite of the many backlogs and glitches I had in the past.




Two weeks ago we marked Ysa’s first birthday and our cutie patootie was the happiest with all the balloons, with all the cupcakes, with all the kisses and greetings she got from family and family friends. It wasn’t a grandiose party which was held at my sister’s compound but it was well attended by people who matters to us, to our family.





365 days have passed since you said “goodbye God! Hello world!” You have filled our hearts with joy.


Happy 1st of the many birthdays Ysa! 😛


Ninang may not be as visible as your Mom, but I would always be a second Mom to you sweetie! ♥


back to where i was

My heart goes out to all victims of typhoon Yolanda, I’ve seen the worst from the news patrol earlier and I couldn’t contain my woes, I offer them prayers for strength to carry on amidst the aftermath of this tragedy. Filipinos are born survivors, aren’t we? So, this too shall pass and everyone would recover and smile, we’re high-spirited and resilient. Yolanda, bagyo ka lang! Filipino kami!

Back when we were at the hospital during Nanay’s confinement, we were already alerted of the super typhoon tho Cavite will not be seriously affected Nanay was worried, she was raring to go home and kept on telling her doctor she’s better, she’s okay, so she’ll be given clearance right way. She’d like to be home soon as typhoon Yolanda makes its landfall. I know she worried about the household but the least we want is to put her condition at risk so what if we spend the weekend at the medical center. Fortunately, even before the week ended she was discharged from the hospital, at least it gives her peace of mind.

And I’ve been back at work yesterday regardless of the dead beat feel, work had been in chaos since I absent last Monday because of some government issues and customer complaints. I thought our nightmares with corrupt government people were over when we were persecuted in 2010, but my wrong we should have expected it to happen every three years or everytime this government change its leaders. Sigh! Anyhow, I’m taking a break this weekend from all the hullaballoo last week. Tomorrow is Sunday once more and I look forward to treating myself a bit to shoo all my worries away and to give my Monday a boost. I don’t have anything in mind yet except that I wanted a taste of Makati once more, I miss the city and its friendly atmosphere. And I wanted a glimpse of Christmas, of trimmings, of trees, of lights and red, gold and green. It’s less than 50 days now before Christmas Day and I still feel halfhearted about the grandest occasion of the year. I hope there’s something good waiting for me before the holidays.

These were two weeks ago at our happy place.




Looking on a brighter Sunday! 😛


scenes from all saint’s day 2013


“My dear young cousin, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the eons, it’s that you can’t give up on your family, no matter how tempting they make it.” ― Rick Riordan




cooking cousins


The night before that tragic event we were having some good food, some booze and oodles of merry making at my cousin JB’s house in Tradition Homes. Nanay was even there and had dinner with us other than I asked my cousin Moki to bring her home and Ysa because I saw her sleepy and tired already. Earlier that day, my cousin JB and I were busy at his kitchen preparing the dinner spread, I was supposed to cook my simple calderata recipe only (which I specialize IMO 🙂) but the food glutton we are suddenly craved for some more pasta and tacos and I became the official chef of the night while the rest of my folks were taking their time and having some chitchats.


I love to cook for family only that at times I have my mood and most of the time I’m too lazy to touch the kitchen stuffs. But I was decided to impress everyone that night so I volunteered. Actually most of my maternal cousins are gifted with culinary expertise (ehem) and even without the formal schooling we can shake off those wannabe chefs. We got that wonderful talent from who else but our dear matriarch who pass over her love for cooking to her children and then later on to us. And Nanay whose passion to cooking started since I don’t know when never failed to welcome our tummies with hearty dishes and to this date her homemade meals remains to be unbeatable.


Except for the grilled milk fish everything is from scratch. 🙂



Anyhow, my cousin JB and I rocked his kitchen and prepared more than edible dishes if put side by side with carenderia meals, hahaha, kiddin’ aside our diners that night all gave two thumbs up for the hale and hearty dinner spread we lovingly prepared. Mga sipsip! Hehehe.


Someday I’ll own a small café and I’m gonna be chef of my own little nook. Abangan! ♥


coming home, a life-changing event


Nov 5. The fourth night and hopefully our last night at the hospital, I’m full of hope especially that many had been praying for Nanay’s fast recovery. Thank you everyone, you know who you are. 🙂


Earlier today I woke up sore because of back pain, it looks like I’m sort of “namamahay” to Nanay’s private room, probably I’ve gotten used to sleeping in a narrower hospital bench, with no air-conditioning system (thank God that the ceiling fan was working really well), common lavatory and with fellow family of ICU patients during our first two nights at M.V. Santiago. Whew! Imagine all the inconveniences which Leoncio and I survived. Tonight we’ve transferred to the room next door which is a lot bigger because of air-conditioner problem. The room is cooler compared to yesterday’s and we now have a small breakfast nook. It’s homey personally other than the vibes remain to be of a sickroom.

And like the previous days the household was all here when we arrived this evening, Tatay was in-charge during the day while my sister and BIL and the kids arrived later in the afternoon after errands and school. Tatay’s coworkers had been visiting in batches while Nanay’s colleagues in the Barangay organization dropped by (notwithstanding the “management” reminder about limited visitors for reasons the nurses cannot really justify –hospital’s policy or health concern issues?). Anyhow, it’s a happy feel that we have these wonderful people around, including Tita Gie who never failed to come around after work. See, despite her funny and sometimes silly actions she’s definitely someone I can always count onto. Ysa baby was here too in spite of the hospital’s policy that kiddos are not allowed. It’s Ysa’s lucky day because they bumped with Nanay’s pretty doctor and she consent Ysa’s visiting her Lola.

Seriously I have heavy eyes right now and finishing this entry is an ordeal, I barely slept last night and I only have an hour sleep this afternoon because I needed to prepare food for the household before leaving again for my “night shift”. I feel superwoman with all of these including my official day job which is having issues right now. Tho physically not in my office I’ve been thinking a lot of things about work, and it worries me. I shouldn’t be because I know my new promotee can cover completely. Tomorrow I need to be up early to process Nanay’s clearance, pay the hospital bills and take note of Nanay’s medication. Nanay’s coming home should be stress-free and an extensive lifestyle change is a must.

Nanay’s discharge from the hospital continued…


*Making it colorful for Nanay

We’re excited to go home and finally set things normal again even tho it’s impossible to wake up each day like nothing had happen. Nanay cannot come back to her old routine, her busy schedule and to her love for anything fried or sautéed in cooking oil, a healthier diet is imposed.


Anyhow, we were able to check out in a breeze around lunch time. I finally met the bubbly Dra. Lani Tanteco, Nanay’s attending physician during her entire hospital stay. I remember Dra. Lani from way back, the little tsinita girl and her ponytails, she was still in grade school then at Saint Agustine School. Oh how time flies and I’m this old now. I also met some distant relatives from the Escalante clan –nurses and hospital staffs who introduced themselves. I also met Nanay’s former student from the academy, Ms. Sol Debono, who works at the hospital admin office. Dr. Wendell de Guia, a family friend who also make time to see Nanay. Tatay’s colleagues at DA. All the nice people at M.V. Santiago Medical Center, thank you also.


The whole experience is traumatic but will all the moral boosts we got from family and friends it’s humbling. We’re not even halfway through Nanay’s recovery, we’re faced with even bigger challenge now but we’re hopeful and positive that this too shall pass. Our family sends big thanks to the selfless and generous souls who extended help and still reaching out even without us asking, it’s much appreciated folks.

I’ll be back to work tomorrow to face work issues, I pray everything will bring to a close because it remained to be my bread and butter. Tho after the incident I’m beginning to think of a greener pasture this time. Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies after all.


 P.S. I’m asking for more prayers for Nanay from anyone who happened to chance upon this blog.


guess it was meant but i’m not prepared

I started this entry on eve of November 4 and successful posted before dawn of November 5 hence the time stamp difference versus the use of yesterday, today and tomorrow…


On my third night now at M.V. Santiago Medical Center and Saturday eve remains a shock for me and for my family. Nanay had heart attack. It was very sudden and intense at the same time. It was fatal according to her doctors if we didn’t rush her right away at the hospital. Thank God that my hometown had improved over the years and that an emergency facility is now available.

At the emergency room, I had a vivid recall of what had happen which I will not go into detail anymore. But for a moment I thought I’m losing someone dear in a split second, that fast, that gruesome and I’m beginning to tell my inner self it’s unfair, how come we didn’t have seen the signs, how come we were not warned that it’s going to happen this soon. I baffled. I worried. I felt many things in a row other than I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t weeping, I remained compose while the admitting staff was throwing too many questions including medical history and the recent turnaround of events. I was composed the whole time and keep on checking Nanay while she was given first aid including aspirins, superaspirins, pain relievers, beta blockers, cholesterol-lowering medications and streptokinase (which we had to buy from Mercury at the wee hour to break up and dissolve blood clots which can block the arteries). I remember she had given laxative too because defecating should be effortless, that a sitting toilet can trigger a fatal heart attack because of excessive straining. I took a mental note of everything. I must really take a mental note of every little detail the doctor and nurses had said because I will be her dedicated companion con watcher the entire hospital stay (I was assuming already that time but I’m glad my sister, BIL and Leoncio took turns as well).


*My sleeping double up working area while on my “night shift schedule” at the hospital.

Yester morning she was released from the intensive care unit and was transferred to a private room, far more comfortable from the ICU because we’re now staying in the same room, it’s now easier for me to attend to her whenever she needs aid. It’s easy to move around, it’s easier for us to accept visiting family and friends, everything is a lot easier and available. Now, what’s next for Nanay? for us? Her attending physician, Dra. Tanteco, whom the family knows, earlier told us that she’ll be ready to go home by Wednesday if there would be no more chest pains this day, if there would be no more other suspicious complications. But at the same time we need to prepare for her angiogram and its prerequisite procedure afterwards, the angiogram alone will cost us a leg and an arm, so, we dearly pray for a miracle to happen, that Nanay would totally heal and come back to her usual active life. How it’s possible? Miracles do still happen in this modern age.

At the moment, I watch her sleep and I’m relieve everytime I’ll see her breathe like nothing had happen, I wish this whole thing is just a bad nightmare for all of us and by tomorrow we’ll wake up to a new day –a day full of promise of a new beginning and fresh start full of optimism, hope and joy.


P.S. Together with my family, we thanked everyone who came to visit and to everyone who prayed and continuously praying. We need 100 million more prayers please.