The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

forever uncle mike

To family and friends and to everyone who silently reads this blog I request for huge amount of prayers for my Uncle Mike who had been suffering severe illness from his hospital bed since Sunday afternoon. I know he wanted to stay and spend another Christmas other than he’s human body is deteriorating now and his heartbeat is fading each day. He’s in the most pitiful state if you must ask and only a miracle would possibly bring him back. For days now the immediate family has been in denial of the impending death tho it’s explicable at this time of emotional devastation but my maternal family had to consider difficult questions as well and severe financial consequences. I understand that no one knew what his future might hold but the doctor’s prognosis is not good and the decision to forgo the treatment is for the family to decide this time. We’re in a state of mass confusion and at this dark hour we hope we’ll come up with the right thing soon. May God have mercy on all of us.

uncle mike

Uncle, while you remain in that state of limbo may you enlighten each of us, I know you feel pain but you can’t tell anyone else around. It’s depressing to see you suffer like this, it certainly a fate worse than death but we can’t do a thing either to make you feel comfortable. We’re praying for you as we’ve been challenged everyday seeing you in that vegetative state. Uncle, we love you and we will surely miss your generosity, your thoughtfulness and everything else about you. Rest now if you must… 

Almighty and Everlasting God, preserver of souls, who dost correct those whom Thou dost love, and for their amendment dost tenderly chastise those whom Thou dost receive, we call upon Thee, O Lord, to bestow Thy healing, that the soul of Thy servant, Uncle Mike, at the hour of his departure from the body, may by the hands of Thy holy Angels be presented without spot unto Thee. Amen. {source:}


2 responses to “forever uncle mike

  1. Irish Panganiban November 27, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Super stress!

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