The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

23 years and counting

I had a wonderful recall of high school life and I fairly had a reputation to boast from being an outstanding student, to class president, an officer of various students org and had the most ideal friends in tow. Back in college things weren’t the same, probably because the university setting was a lot different and grueling and unwelcoming in my case. And I have only few people around 😦 , few friends which made my college days a happy one. 🙂


A week ago a small reunion which I never expected to happen anymore comes down to reality. It was out of the blue without any occasion at all, so when I was told about it I was surprised and excited at the same time, a little jumpy too. M & R are my colleagues at the company for more than 10 years now while D (R’s husband) works for a major client, see it remained a small world for us tho we never really had a time to get together, other than we had our falling-out, our little disagreements and coldness, but none of a big fight or brawling. Maybe the corporate life has change each of us and brought us new set of friends but they say old friends remains old 🙂 and we don’t really need to spend time together everyday, so I’ll consider that our case fell over here.

R, the most girly in our group drove us to Crown Plaza, I couldn’t imagine she has driving skills now which I envy somehow. I suddenly thought of getting serious with my supposed driving classes soon. M and I had a smooth ride arriving the Ortigas area unscratched. Phew!   


R also made the arrangement at 7 Corners for dinner buffet and we got a corner seat which was perfect for the looming long chat I was assuming that night. Imagine the 10+ years we didn’t get to sit down and talk, it’s never been awhile. D arrived while we’re still finishing our greens. He literally came in green while I noticed he’s thinning hair, oh must be sign of old age too and stress and global warming, 😀 much like the lines on my temples it must really be our age. And as expected of D he threw a slight barrage of insult from every possible aspect why M & I got this big. As if he owns a six-pack-abs, hahaha. But hey it’s a pretty normal thing for Pinoy to greet long time friends with friendly-offensive banter, let’s not talk of etiquette anymore.


Anyhow, my party enjoyed the spread at 7 Corners tho I find it sad and empty. 😐 I was expecting more, the likes of Basix or Acaci or Midas with more food choices to savor and desserts to drool over. It’s quite pricey for its limited selection if I may say. But since I’m dining free of any charge, I can’t complain more besides the buffet offering was of less important that evening, I should be focusing on rekindling friendship and connections. The expected long convo went over families, work, personals, assets (?), events, national issues, just anything under the sun. D hardly knew anything about me, about my childless status, about my work, he’s recall of me remains to be the extremist I used to be. I wonder if he’d seen me before on streets bragging about unfair labor practices and wage increase and anything that doesn’t fall right within the bargaining agreement. Those days sounds pun for some but those were the days which made me tougher and shape me to become a better me. Since M, R and me works at the same company we had talks about the recent happenings back at the office, we had our opinions and assumptions, we talked about people we know in common (chismis mode), we talked about the administration (the former and the current), we talked about our humble beginnings at Limketkai, we had a vivid recall of those good old days and it was a nice feel. D was sort of bored probably with our subjects so his focus was more on the food while we babble more. 😀



At the end of our dinner date an evening of long goodbye followed with photo ops here and there. Good thing it’s Friday and we don’t have to worry about the next day only that M lives beyond the city and she had sched dialysis the following morning. Yes, other than the natural signs of old age our buddy M suffered kidney failure some 4 years ago and we couldn’t be of any help except that we pray for spiritual strength and comfort and healing.

The small reunion sends me plenty of realization afterwards, while my colleagues are now well-heeled I remained to be a hunter 😦 , while they talk about raising their own families I was wordless because I had nothing to impart other than I have my four-legged babies whom I dearly love, while they discuss about building a home I was left saying I don’t intend to spend my retirement years in the city and I have a family house to come home by then, name it! north and south we have a comfortable retreat. Hehehe. And while M & R talks about quota and commissions I only have my basic pay to hold, I felt small momentarily but what the heck I love my life, I love what I do, I have no regrets, I have nothing to shame off and if I suddenly die there would be nothing to miss because I live at my fullest every single day. 🙂 I still have high hopes and goals but if those will never happen ever I won’t fall short, the less you expect, the less disappointed you will be. Probably life has taught me so well not to feel envious of my neighbors, life has taught me so well to be contended and live within my means, life has taught me so well to stay on the ground. Well, after this first in many years, we all look forward seeing and dining once more, it’s not too late to catch up and rewind and look forward to something more than meets the eye. Thank you for the dinner treat M, we truly had a great time! ♥



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