The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.17

Crucifix me now for overeating while the people at Eastern Samar continues to plead for food and water and shelter and attention. I’m sorry that this has to happen repeatedly at these trying times. 😐


Nov 17. We’re home again last weekend to check on Nanay and the household and because we’re home and complete, Tatay made our Sunday a super special one. 😛 For the first time in many years he initiated our Sunday activity starting from a hale and hearty breakfast at Bag of Beans. He personally picked the place after he was wowed when I treat them back last September, aside from the fact that Nanay didn’t enjoyed the last time because she was sick, so we’re making a second come back.


We arrived at Bag of Beans past 7am already with only few diners, a pretty advantage to our part. 🙂  Once we’re seated my family didn’t waste any single minute, they start off what is must and fill their plates with delicious breakfast fare. We’re not really big eaters if you must know but we’re more of finicky and complex eaters that’s why Bag of Beans breakfast buffet is a hit for us because we have many choices to choose from.


I didn’t bother anymore to take photos of my plates because it’s all the same only that we’ve missed the bacon this time but nonetheless the generous spread was a treat of its own.






And my family was a picture of a happy one, a solid and cherished one amidst the storm that recently challenged us. 🙂




Following our breakfast splurge we drove to Monte Maria in Alfonso to attend Fr. Suarez healing mass. Many have been healed and their stories were all inspiring, we believe Nanay will be healed and that all we need is a stronger faith and loads of prayer. The healing mass despite the many devotees remains to be solemn. And despite the crowd, people from walks of life trooped here to seek healing and spirit once more. We’re very much like them, a family praying as one, a family hoping for a miracle to happen.


We left Monte Maria at around 1pm and drove to Summit Ridge, it wasn’t my idea really or my sister’s or the kids but it was Tatay who insisted that we should have lunch there before going home. So, even if we weren’t famished yet we gave in to his request, an odd occasion we shouldn’t miss.


Tatay requested that we pick a restaurant where Nanay can eat something healthier. We mutually decided for Classic Savory because the choices were varied, we made side orders from Razon’s because Nanay wanted halo-halo and SAM craves for sisig. So, even if we don’t really feel hungry yet we pretend we do so as not to disappoint Tatay’s mood. It’s very unusual of him to spend a day out with us without getting annoyed of our activities, he’s not the outgoing type, he’d rather spend the day at his small fruit farm or lounge at home with his drinking buddies. Well, I suddenly remember our much younger years during Christmas season at Harrison Plaza, we would simply left Tatay near the old fountain for hours so we can do our shopping splurges without the kontrabida 🙂 , that’s how we see him really, foremost because he hates the mall ambiance, he hates the crowd and the overly expenses of course. But talk about dining and eating, he wouldn’t mind the extra charges at all, he’s all out and supportive and never failed to remind us to eat. Now, you know the reason why we got this big, we’re just so obedient to the patriarch’s order to that matter. Hahaha. 


Yet this sundate was one of the best Sundays ever and I look forward spending more Sundays with the family this time. I’m just happy to be home. 


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