The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

back to where i was

My heart goes out to all victims of typhoon Yolanda, I’ve seen the worst from the news patrol earlier and I couldn’t contain my woes, I offer them prayers for strength to carry on amidst the aftermath of this tragedy. Filipinos are born survivors, aren’t we? So, this too shall pass and everyone would recover and smile, we’re high-spirited and resilient. Yolanda, bagyo ka lang! Filipino kami!

Back when we were at the hospital during Nanay’s confinement, we were already alerted of the super typhoon tho Cavite will not be seriously affected Nanay was worried, she was raring to go home and kept on telling her doctor she’s better, she’s okay, so she’ll be given clearance right way. She’d like to be home soon as typhoon Yolanda makes its landfall. I know she worried about the household but the least we want is to put her condition at risk so what if we spend the weekend at the medical center. Fortunately, even before the week ended she was discharged from the hospital, at least it gives her peace of mind.

And I’ve been back at work yesterday regardless of the dead beat feel, work had been in chaos since I absent last Monday because of some government issues and customer complaints. I thought our nightmares with corrupt government people were over when we were persecuted in 2010, but my wrong we should have expected it to happen every three years or everytime this government change its leaders. Sigh! Anyhow, I’m taking a break this weekend from all the hullaballoo last week. Tomorrow is Sunday once more and I look forward to treating myself a bit to shoo all my worries away and to give my Monday a boost. I don’t have anything in mind yet except that I wanted a taste of Makati once more, I miss the city and its friendly atmosphere. And I wanted a glimpse of Christmas, of trimmings, of trees, of lights and red, gold and green. It’s less than 50 days now before Christmas Day and I still feel halfhearted about the grandest occasion of the year. I hope there’s something good waiting for me before the holidays.

These were two weeks ago at our happy place.




Looking on a brighter Sunday! 😛



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