The Month of the Heart of Winter

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coming home, a life-changing event


Nov 5. The fourth night and hopefully our last night at the hospital, I’m full of hope especially that many had been praying for Nanay’s fast recovery. Thank you everyone, you know who you are. 🙂


Earlier today I woke up sore because of back pain, it looks like I’m sort of “namamahay” to Nanay’s private room, probably I’ve gotten used to sleeping in a narrower hospital bench, with no air-conditioning system (thank God that the ceiling fan was working really well), common lavatory and with fellow family of ICU patients during our first two nights at M.V. Santiago. Whew! Imagine all the inconveniences which Leoncio and I survived. Tonight we’ve transferred to the room next door which is a lot bigger because of air-conditioner problem. The room is cooler compared to yesterday’s and we now have a small breakfast nook. It’s homey personally other than the vibes remain to be of a sickroom.

And like the previous days the household was all here when we arrived this evening, Tatay was in-charge during the day while my sister and BIL and the kids arrived later in the afternoon after errands and school. Tatay’s coworkers had been visiting in batches while Nanay’s colleagues in the Barangay organization dropped by (notwithstanding the “management” reminder about limited visitors for reasons the nurses cannot really justify –hospital’s policy or health concern issues?). Anyhow, it’s a happy feel that we have these wonderful people around, including Tita Gie who never failed to come around after work. See, despite her funny and sometimes silly actions she’s definitely someone I can always count onto. Ysa baby was here too in spite of the hospital’s policy that kiddos are not allowed. It’s Ysa’s lucky day because they bumped with Nanay’s pretty doctor and she consent Ysa’s visiting her Lola.

Seriously I have heavy eyes right now and finishing this entry is an ordeal, I barely slept last night and I only have an hour sleep this afternoon because I needed to prepare food for the household before leaving again for my “night shift”. I feel superwoman with all of these including my official day job which is having issues right now. Tho physically not in my office I’ve been thinking a lot of things about work, and it worries me. I shouldn’t be because I know my new promotee can cover completely. Tomorrow I need to be up early to process Nanay’s clearance, pay the hospital bills and take note of Nanay’s medication. Nanay’s coming home should be stress-free and an extensive lifestyle change is a must.

Nanay’s discharge from the hospital continued…


*Making it colorful for Nanay

We’re excited to go home and finally set things normal again even tho it’s impossible to wake up each day like nothing had happen. Nanay cannot come back to her old routine, her busy schedule and to her love for anything fried or sautéed in cooking oil, a healthier diet is imposed.


Anyhow, we were able to check out in a breeze around lunch time. I finally met the bubbly Dra. Lani Tanteco, Nanay’s attending physician during her entire hospital stay. I remember Dra. Lani from way back, the little tsinita girl and her ponytails, she was still in grade school then at Saint Agustine School. Oh how time flies and I’m this old now. I also met some distant relatives from the Escalante clan –nurses and hospital staffs who introduced themselves. I also met Nanay’s former student from the academy, Ms. Sol Debono, who works at the hospital admin office. Dr. Wendell de Guia, a family friend who also make time to see Nanay. Tatay’s colleagues at DA. All the nice people at M.V. Santiago Medical Center, thank you also.


The whole experience is traumatic but will all the moral boosts we got from family and friends it’s humbling. We’re not even halfway through Nanay’s recovery, we’re faced with even bigger challenge now but we’re hopeful and positive that this too shall pass. Our family sends big thanks to the selfless and generous souls who extended help and still reaching out even without us asking, it’s much appreciated folks.

I’ll be back to work tomorrow to face work issues, I pray everything will bring to a close because it remained to be my bread and butter. Tho after the incident I’m beginning to think of a greener pasture this time. Life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies after all.


 P.S. I’m asking for more prayers for Nanay from anyone who happened to chance upon this blog.


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