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sundate no.13


It was another spur-of-the-moment, after visiting Megamall on Saturday we booked a trip to the Mall of Asia the following day. The weather was fine so I thought, and I suddenly miss watching the beautiful sundown so it would be a wonderful feel to have that stunning view yet again before we welcome another frantic work week.


I love the bayside in spite of its polluted water and foul smell due to garbage and spills only that it gets too crowded on weekends that’s why we keep on avoiding that part. Anyhow, there’s always a scenic view on the second level of the mall so be sure to get a spot before the scheduled sundown. But even before the scheduled sundown a sudden downpour fell out, the orange sky was gone in a split of a second and gray skies came about sending me that unhappy feel. Sigh!


Nothing that a good meal can’t fix for this old fart so after checking two of my favorite outlet store and happily score two new similar tops in different shade 😀 we browsed some fancy restaurants to have dinner. There were too many choices to go but none that really stand out for me that day, it’s either the place is packed, or the food is over-priced or the food looks sad and bland, until this poster greeted me. It’s like hitting two birds at the same time –Big Meals Big Deals. ♥


Fish & Co. is another of the Bistro Group’s casual-dining brands so I have no apprehension or anything, it’s like a trusted underwear brand that won’t fail me, and won’t make me uncomfortable throughout.


Do I need to say more? We got the platter bundles good for 2 and because they say two I believe it easily. Bistro Group restaurants are known for their hefty servings and delicious food so there’s nothing to worry about, I trust them wholeheartedly.

There’s only 1 Big Meal option for two so we have no choice but to pick it. Hehehe.


Spaghetti Pomodoro (regular serving). Tossed in homemade tomato-basil sauce. I wonder how a bigger serving looks like because the regular serving alone is enough for us to share and fork.


2 Pieces Grilled Chicken Peri-peri. Tender half chicken grilled to juicy perfection, served with spicy peri-peri sauce, steamed jasmine rice and vegetables. Because I was satiated by the pasta alone I only had a small part of the grilled chicken and the rest, well, my happy other half cleaned the plate.


Just for me Fish & Chips. A Fish & Co. classic coated with a light and crispy batter topped with signature lemon butter sauce. This is such a treat and I love this to bits! ♥


We had an extra order of Clam Chowder in Bread Bowl because I feel like having one. We loved the chewy crust, we loved tearing the bread into bite-sized and dipped it right into the soup before eating it. It feels like a bit of French!

The platter bundle even came with 2 Glasses of Iced Tea, solb na solb! 😛


Now, I wish there’s a nearer Fish & Co. within my area because I wouldn’t mind eating the same set all over again, it just fits our weekend budget oh so well! 😀 And I don’t need to make excuses anymore about missing the sundown, the orange-sky and the bayside. Hehehe.



Fish & Co.
Mall of Asia G/F Entertainment Mall Pasay City
T. +632 576-9170 | +632 556-0683

akiba café

I don’t frequent the Megamall and hated it for reasons its shopping area is too huge and I might end up broke, its taxi stand is always a hit and I’m not patient enough, its covered parking ramp is too steep and I’m always almost throwing up and its dining choices were common and I can get better choices in my beloved Ayala Malls. Actually, I have more than a hundred reasons of not liking to go there even if my friends and colleagues frequent it.

Last weekend after our very late lunch at My Singapore Food Street and after attending the anticipated mass at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord and after a sneak peek at Forever 21 (they have good stocks ha 🙂 ), we decided to sit down and have some aromatic coffee for dinner. We passed on the favorite coffee shop this time and settled for something very new, our first time.


Akiba Café is tag as the first Japanese café in the country but I couldn’t tell much the difference amongst the well-known American coffee shops. Coffee and cakes are always a hit. We both got something hot because it’s perfect for the rainy weather, at least PAGASA’s forecast is more probable now.


Sometimes it helps when the choices are only some because it makes life easier. 😛


I’m classically boring so you know so I got myself a classic hot kohi –Café Latte. This latte tasted pretty much the same of other coffee shops other than its coffee art is love and I’m always on the safe side.


While the more adventurous husband this time got himself a flavored hot kohi –Mt. Fuji Kohi. It’s foamy and fragrant.


And despite the green tea invasion in almost everything we drink and eat I’m not easy to jump of and say it’s my new favorite. I still go for the conventional so I quickly ignored the Green Tea Cheesecake and got us Tiramisu and Lemon cake slice. I love the lemon-flavored of course so I had most of it.

Akiba Café is one of the perfect coffee places to kill time because it’s purposely located near shops but if you want a quite place to read or a quite study area don’t go here, the space is not enclosed and you’ll be distracted by people passing by, walking back and forth and you can hear noise of other people going around, not as homey as other coffee shops nonetheless it’s worth a visit. ♥

P.S. We paid using the GCs I won from #Megafoodstagram. 



Akiba Cafe
SM Megamall 2nd floor building A Hallway,
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

my singapore food street

Because my supposed Singapore trip early next year will gonna delay until I don’t know when I gave my palate a Singaporean treat last Saturday, the closest I can get at the moment.


My Singapore Food Street is a Singaporean-inspired resto located at SM Megamall Brideway and by its name alone it’s easy to assume that they dish up none other than Singaporean specialties. It’s previous name Orchard Road probably didn’t hit big that’s why it was re-launched after sometime with a catchier label. 🙂 Oh, you heard me right, I visited my most despise shopping mall for the love of food, actually we got to dine free of charge, so, our trip at the big mall has its own good point. I’m thanking SM Megamall once again for the food gcs I won over IG.


Anyhow since we arrived at the resto past 3:00pm already, its dining customers were numbered and most of its crews were taking their mid-afternoon break at one corner. I chose us to stay at the window side where we have the view of Edsa, at least I’ve got something to entertain my mood if the experience would turn out bad. Honestly with all the reviews I read online even if it were mostly affirmative I still have my apprehension especially that most of those reviews available online were sponsored events. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing about those renowned bloggers but I’m biased with those personal experiences of paying customers like me.


And like what I normally do before dining anywhere for the first time I make sure to peek on their menu few days beforehand so it won’t take us too long to decide once we’re there. Pay as you order is the rule, so it really helped that I made a list of our choices ahead. They serve fast like what a normal fast-food should be so I have to commend them for not disappointing us at the onset. The following were served in order,


Milo Dinosaur P75. It’s a Singaporean invention I found out very recent. It’s simply iced cold Milo with powdered Milo on top. It was refreshing and something I wouldn’t mind ordering once again but let me try the frozen variety on the next visit.


Hainanese Chicken (solo serving) P90. Eversince the arrival of Singaporean restos in Manila, Hainanese Chicken became an instant hit to everyone except to us because I can no way convince the husband to try it. He wouldn’t eat his chicken cooked like that –white and moist. So, I guess it’s legit to say it’s my first time to try a Hainanese Chicken tho at some point this is very the same of North Park’s White Chicken which I regularly order before. I don’t know how is Hainanese supposed to taste? The serving is plain and boring for me and without the ginger sauce the chicken meat would be bland and all.


Laksa P185. Its origin is quite unclear but this is quite popular in Malaysia and Singapore. I tasted it first at Eat Fresh and it becomes an instant favorite everytime we dined there. And I was expecting My Singapore’s version to exceed Eat Fresh’ other than it failed, the latter’s version was creamy and its coconut-based curry soup is rich and flavorful.  Even the vermicelli texture didn’t pass to my liking. 😦


Nasi Goreng Meal with Pork Satay P145. Because I’m addicted to fried rice, any style, I love it but the pork satay needs a little more flavor, sweet and salty to be its best!


Char Kway Teow P195. A national favorite in Singapore and I’ve seen this many times at Beyond Toxicity because it’s Doc Gelo’s ultimate favorite so I got curious and had to order it here. The husband says it tasted like Phad Thai and I can’t agree more other than I like Phad Thai better because of its peanuts.


And because we’re using food gcs, I need to order max its P1000 food value so we added an order of Pork Siomai P70 and Lechon Macau P175. I won’t recommend the Lechon Macau for its price and serving, save it for Mr. Liempo or Chooks’ tasty and juicy liempo.


And lastly because we got the meal free I won’t rant too much anymore 😀 , I only hope they’ll serve the food hot and fresh, it’s makes the food appetizing and inviting despite the lack of this and that. Incidentally I have a colleague at work who sampled this resto that same day for dinner and all she mentioned was so-so, it’s unimpressive and weak. Meanwhile, I expect a more authentic fiery flavor which the Singaporean food is supposed to be. And I know there is more to Singaporean food than just chicken rice and laksa. Ho-hum…



My Singapore Food Street
2nd Level Bridgeway, SM Megamall
EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Avenue
Mandaluyong City
T. +632 470 4546

hooray for friday!


Nothing should distract my Friday (and Sunday), not even typhoon Santi and his mighty rains would stop me from loving this weekend. Tho there are no sure plans so far, I’m looking forward to another lovely sundate with my other half. I suddenly miss him after channeling too much work this week, not that we don’t see each other everyday, we do yes, but I’m always dog-tired arriving home so I kept on missing short convo with him before going to sleep. Sigh!


Anyhow, we’re not going anywhere farther tonight, we’ll stick with the neighborhood fast-food perhaps and chill at home. Tomorrow we’ll dine somewhere else for lunch because I’m no way cooking, hehehe and on Sunday, I’m still contemplating about that salted caramel pancakes I’m seeing all over facebook, twitter and ig.


Life is good and Happiness is a choice, dwell on what is yummy! 😀 So, after a quick dinner later we’ll rush home because this pint of goodness awaits me. Have a lovely weekend all! ♥




comfort food! ♥


corned beef love! ♥


P.S. These were last week’s and I’m having greens and veggies since Monday because I’m preparing for a heavy eat out on weekend! 😀


When it rains, it pours…after winning dining privileges at the Negros Trade Fair two weeks ago, I won once again at SM Megamall’s #MegaFoodStagram.

food gcs

Well, aside from the food GCs there will be a feature on Philippines Star (which I don’t know when pa). I just feel blessed and thankful for these despite the many disappointments and hard feelings I’m having lately. 😀