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sundate no.15 (an awful one for the record)

Readers and friends of this 5 year old blog (the first 2 years in blogspot) know by now how close Tagaytay is to my heart. ♥ It’s because Tagaytay has this cool and windy weather all year round we picked it as our wedding venue eight years ago. It’s because Tagaytay is the closest I could get by to unwind we frequent the city, pls free to back read how special occasions and even ordinary days were spent here –either we lounge at coffee shops, get our breakfast fix and the countless dinner dates with the famban and with my favorite maternal family to celebrate family events and milestones. It’s because Tagaytay had progressed to become the friendliest and pleasant city I expect nothing less everytime we visit. Other than last Sunday night was different, I was tested or should I say my patience was tested several times in a span of less than two hours so I’ll rant here, not a little this time because I felt this needed attention from the management team of this not so cheap restaurant at the ridge.


Pancake House is one of the pioneer restaurants at Maharlika Highway which sit next to Starbucks and now Chic-Boy (Junzi’s former location, Junzi is another of our favorite chill out place back in 2008). Because I was drooling for their salted caramel pancakes for weeks now I thought Sunday night was the perfect timing, it’s timely because I’m home in my parents’ house which is very nearby. We (my sister Che+her kids –SAM, P and Ysa+Arman+ Leoncio, who stepped in late) arrived at Pancake House around 8pm, there weren’t too many customers, and in fact almost 4 tables were only occupied, so we were able to pick a comfortable seat. We were handed the menu book right away and I was even fascinated how they’d come up with a menu designed for kids. The Diary of a Happy Kid is a stand out because kids will truly enjoy the little story in print.


Ate SAM and P were excited to browse it so they took turns.


While Che and I decided with our orders, not too heavy because we just need some light and sweets fix. We got an order of Freshly Brewed Coffee with 1 Refill, Kiwi Drink, Fresh Milk, Home-style Bangus, special Halloween Pancake set and my Salted Caramel & Walnut Pancakes. Finally, I would be able to try it and have my own say about it.




Che and SAM’s order came in fast, Kiwi Drink and Fresh Milk, which they both liked even at first sipped. See we’re not hard to please. 🙂


Next was my Freshly Brewed Coffee which I love because of its strong flavors, they made a good shot here.


The special Halloween Pancake set comes in shortly, it’s special because it’s themed for the Halloween season and we were told that the best Halloween design will take home a prize.


SAM and P were excited even more to do this. We let them decide on what design they’d like but we want them to win of course so we had to coach and comment some, a little adjustment here and there but all in all it’s all pure fun in the end. 😀


My most awaited Salted Caramel & Walnut Pancakes came in, by this time we made an additional order of 1 Freshly Brewed Coffee with 1 Refill and Golden Brown Waffle and I’ve asked the wait staff for my coffee refill.

And because we’re pretty enjoying the chitchat and the kids were busy with their activity we didn’t mind so much of the time and the slight delay was still tolerable.


SAM’s Home-style Bangus arrived few minutes even before the kids finished their masterpiece that night. I kept on telling SAM that her rice meal order will not disappoint because I’ve tried it once and it was good.


The kids finally completed their winning entry, I mean their contest entry and I’ve had my second follow up of my coffee refill and our additional order of coffee.

Guess it took really long for my coffee refill, after my third follow up two cups were served minus the usual sachet of sugar and skim milk. I validated our coffee order and refills and told them that we still have one more refill to go.


This time my sister’s waffle order was served too.

The wait staff asked if I wanted it served already, I immediately said yes even though I had questions running in my head –in most restaurants I’ve been the refill policy should be on the same cup so refills should only happen when the first cup is consumed. Anyway, there’s no big deal to it and since a simple refill is taking forever to be served I’d rather have it right away. But the next thing I remember –the tigress in me came out naturally, I felt my voice was over the top, I blew up in short, for the first time again in many years. A snippet of what took place,

Me: Follow up ko lang un coffee refill ko, this is my third follow up already.

Crew: As you can see there are too many people waiting to be served (in his sarcastic tone)

Even before I can say a thing he left me at point-blank and returned with this already lukewarm cup of coffee.

Me: Now, you’re serving me this and this cup had been out from your kitchen for almost 10 mins now.

Crew: Hindi po, this is freshly-brewed.

Me: Alam mo your kitchen counter is just a stone’s throw away from here and I’ve seen that cup out for the longest time.

Even before I finished my speeches he cut in and said.

Crew: Ok, kung gusto nyo pa papalitan ko, kung gusto nyo po. (repeating it twice to my face)

Me: Gaano na naman katagal yan? Paghihintayin na naman nyo ako. (I can hear my voice rising up by this time)

Crew: Kaya nga po kung gusto lang nyo.

Me: Cge pero pakibilisan ha

I saw him approached the counter tho I didn’t have a clear view of what was happening, another cup went out and he served it at once.

Me: You see I don’t really like the reason you gave awhile ago

Crew: Sorry po (not in apologetic tone yan ha)

This time my eyes caught his name plate with Manager on Duty on it instead of his name or nickname, I continued my moment and told him straight.

Me: It’s very unlikely for someone like you to response like that Manager ka pa naman. And besides it’s not my problem if you have a full house here, you should be able to handle it besides I don’t think this is the first time it happened. It’s so disappointing!

Crew na Manager on Duty pala: Kaya nga po sorry (did you sense a bit of sincerity here??)

He left our table and we were left discussing, my party was offended but we didn’t throw a fight okay. And I thought this is worst than what I’ve experienced from a 5-star hotel back in 2011. Pancake House has been in the food business for more than 4 decades by now and there may be lapses more terrible than ours but I’m guessing those incidents involved wait staffs and kitchen crews the most, other than this time the least you’d expect to disappoint –the MANAGER ON DUTY! 😦

Like Pancake House, I worked in a company where service is always measured so I’m having a hard time to move on and absolve the incident just like that. Something should be done, management of Pancake House should get involved and see to it that two of your many core values are well cascaded to your service team, Integrity is truly important but these two shall be considered next at all times, SERVICE-ORIENTED and PROACTIVE. I would especially highlight these “TO DELIGHT THE CUSTOMER”, “MOVE WITH A SENSE OF URGENCY” for you to think about.


I got our bill and requested for the manual OR next, like in many restaurants I’ve been it’s so easy to forget the manual OR request, it’s permissible I guess but because I’m irate by now, I walked my way to the counter and told the cashier of my request. The Manager on Duty was there pretending to be on his busiest, I’m not expecting him to give a free dessert or any of its kind to appease us, you know MR. EDS FERANIL I shouldn’t be writing here this thing, this worst experience with Pancake House Tagaytay, IF for the last time you approached me and my party and gave us your honest apology –for what had happened and for whatever that displeases our dining experience. You being the Manager on Duty, that’s the least you could do to save face and to save the image of your employer. And may I remind you also that first and foremost, being the Manager on Duty you should excel at customer service so you’ll be able to train your staff to have that superb customer service. Now tell me how can someone like you make sure that a customer leaves the restaurant happy now?


Funny, I should have been reviewing the pancakes here instead of ranting but maybe it wasn’t really my day, the timing was not perfect, buti na lang the weather outside the restaurant was way cooler enough to calm me down.

Oh and by the way MR. EDS FERANIL I hope you enjoyed your lesson on “How To Make A Waffle?” from the table next to us. And I hope you didn’t put his guest comment sheet in trash. Boo!



Pancake House
One Destination, Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City
T. +63 46 4131534

5 responses to “sundate no.15 (an awful one for the record)

  1. Sweepy November 3, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    Woof, that was rude and I can bark for you!

  2. Lui November 4, 2013 at 2:48 am

    I agree with Sweepy. They were rude indeed and I’m not so excited with Pancake anymore ;-(

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