The Month of the Heart of Winter

the new leaf of January is my Month!

sundate no.14

After a hearty Sunday breakfast at home, husband and I lazed around the house until past lunch time, we don’t have anything in mind only that I need to get something in Rustan’s and we need to stopover at the supermarket for this week’s supply.

We made it at Ayala Center at around 3pm and first thing first –to find a filling mid-afternoon snack. We were torn between Army Navy and Ling Nam, the latter won because I’m still not over yet with my congee fixation, I’m still looking out for some good Chinese congee to satisfy this continuing craving. Hay!


Halo-Halo Congee at Ling Nam was a far cry of my favorite at Luk Yuen. I don’t know but I was not impressed with the appearance and the mixture, and its taste. I’m not a fan of fish sauce but I have to put a spoonful of it, I added some chili and pepper too to get the taste of it. And later on regret that we should have stretch a bit and walk our way to Glorietta 5 and dined to Luk Yuen instead.


And like the usual Sundays we pass time at the favorite coffee shop of them all. I love it at the 6750 branch especially on days when people are less because I could pick the favorite seat. 🙂 It’s important for me that I get the seat of my choice so I can do my stuff and mull over the latest news update. I still love reading news exclusively through a newspaper, that’s me, old-fashioned despite all the allure of the digital age. Hehehe.

I love Sundays this way, I’m not forced to do anything, I love it when the city retreats a bit and traffic slows down. Sundays has its own unique array of activities to be uncovered and for as long as we can, for as long as we both shall live we’ll spend our Sundays our way –linger over breakfast or brunch, (window) shop at the favorite outlet shops, relax & recharge (a little pampering at the nail salon will do), hunker down over a good movie (preferably comedy or light drama), browse the supermarket stocks and hoard, hit the weekend markets (and pig-out), try a museum or anything-anyplace historical, work out? (a stroll around the mall is what I’m saying here, 😀 ideally in Ayala Malls & our neighborhood Power Plant Mall, sosyal eh hehehe) and flee the metro for some fresh air, unsullied trees or open sky. ♥


A well-spent Sunday means absolutely doing nothing, whenever you feel like doing it. Live life at your fullest folks!


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